$1.21M San Francisco Disaster Gets Virtual Remodel

Kitchen virtual remodel

When we saw Curbed San Francisco’s article about a total disaster of a house in San Francisco’s Outer Sunset district that had sold for $1.21 million, a whopping $411,000 over asking price, our initial reaction was a lot like everyone else’s – a sort of gut-wrenching mixture of disbelief, sadness, and awe that San Francisco’s housing market has gotten so ridiculous. Once our heads stopped spinning, we decided to use our imagination (along with our suite of tools and some renderings) to see how the dilapidated house could be transformed. The result is a stunning virtual renovation that reveals the hidden potential of this headline-making house.

What would it cost?

We used Kukun’s Personalized Estimate feature to create a project plan for the house’s kitchen and bathroom, and selected different finish levels for various parts of the project, such as top-of-the-line flooring and mid-level cabinets, because sticking to a renovation budget involves splurging on some things and saving on others. Kukun’s Personalized Estimate tool allows users to select from three different finish levels – Good, Better, and Best – for different aspects of a project, from HVAC to lighting to paint. We used the following information when creating our project plan and estimate for the San Francisco house:

Address: 1644 Great Highway, San Francisco, CA.
Square footage: 2,500; 4,000 lot (these are not the actual figures for this home, and are used here for demonstration purposes.)
Kitchen finish level: Better

  • Demolition: Good
  • Plumbing: Best
  • Plumbing fixtures: Better
  • Electrical: Better
  • HVAC: Better
  • Drywall: Better
  • Paint: Good
  • Cabinets: Better
  • Flooring: Best
  • Trim: Better
  • Size: Medium, 10×14 feet, no room size increase

Bathroom finish level: Best

  • Demolition: Better
  • Plumbing: Best
  • Plumbing fixtures: Better
  • Electrical: Better
  • Lighting: Best
  • HVAC: Good
  • Drywall: Better
  • Paint: Good
  • Cabinets: Better
  • Flooring: Better
  • Trim: Good
  • Tile work: Better
  • Size: Custom, 5×10 feet, no room size increase

Next, we took a look at the projected costs of the renovation projects:

Kitchen: $17,600
Bathroom: $8,530
Combined total: $26,130

Determining equity

Kukun's Projected Home Value online roi estimator

We’re big proponents of considering the return on investment (ROI) of renovation projects, since the things you do to a house change how much it’s worth. That’s why we created the Projected Home Value tool. After we completed our renovation cost estimate, we hit the “Calculate now” button that displays next to the total for our project, and learned how the virtual money we spent altered the value of this extreme fixer-upper.

We used the house’s selling price of $1.21 million as the current market value. Here’s what we found out:

Estimated equity gain, kitchen: $15,000
Estimated equity gain, bathroom: $5,970
Total estimated equity gain: $20,970
Estimated new home value: $1,257,000

The results

We took our project plans (complete with finish level descriptions and all the details), packaged them up with images of the house’s current state, and took it all to a professional, who created renderings of the renovated bathroom and kitchen. Here are the jaw-dropping before and after pictures:

Kitchen after virtual remodel

Image credit: Alexis Figueira

Bathroom after virtual remodel

Image credit: Alexis Figueira

We had a blast unlocking this dilapidated disaster’s hidden potential, and know that our tools can help any homeowner do the same. Ready to see what your renovation will cost, and how it can change the value of your home? Start with a free estimate. Create your project plan, then use the Projected Home Value tool to see the potential ROI of different projects. When you’re ready to get started, Kukun makes it easy to share your project plan with renovation professionals. You can also use Quote Request, Kukun’s RFQ template, to streamline the bidding process and start making your dream home a reality.

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