Industrial interior design is a raw, unfinished look that is popular under apartment or loft owners. The industrial home design style is all about exposing and highlighting existing building materials that people usually try to conceal. From exposed brick and exposed pipes to concrete ceilings, and rough wood surfaces, these elements are great ways to incorporate industrial style into your home. When it comes to furnishings, like lightening, clean lines, and simple forms are a must.  According to Independent, pendant lighting in the kitchen is an interior design trend you have to try in 2016. This trend fits perfectly with the industrial style. Loving these industrial interior design traits? Check out these 11 flawless examples of industrial style rooms and get inspired for your next home renovation project.

Minimalistic industrial design

‘Less is more’ concept works well for industrial home design, which is a great fit with the minimalist interior design. The combination of these design styles lets the building materials to standout in a room. Adding furniture or decorative items in materials and color palettes already present in the room is a great way to blend industrial and minimalist design.

industrial design

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Retro industrial design

These interiors show that adding antique details and vintage furniture to an industrial design room nicely complement the industrial style. Brown leather furniture, repurposed wooden pieces, and antiques are great ways to add a retro feel to an industrial interior, thereby creating rooms with a unique personality and vibe.

Retro Style

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Modern industrial design

The modern industrial design might not be the first combination that comes to mind, but when done right it has a gorgeous outcome. Key elements to achieve the perfect modern industrial design combination include white walls and straight lines in furniture and decorative pieces.

modern industrial

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