A 1939 Texas Home renovation before and after

new living room after renovation

Whether you plan to improve your home to satisfy your current needs or increase its ROI to sell it in the future, renovation projects will save you time and money in the long run. Home renovation projects will increase your home’s value, your comfort, and your home’s overall appeal

According to HGTV, some home renovation projects will increase your home’s value and allow you to recoup your investment such as the following::

  • Kitchen – you can expect to recoup around 60% – 120% of your renovation expense on remodeling your kitchen. Bear in mind that you don’t need to go overboard and make the kitchen much fancier than the rest of the house.
  • Reinventing a bedroom or adding a square footage to an existing one may be an expensive project but expect to recoup anywhere from 50%- 83% of your investment.
  • Bathroom improvement or addition will always guarantee that you will be able to regain a hefty amount of your investment at an estimate of 80% -130% according to HGTV.
  • Investing in energy-efficient windows does not only save you money from energy expenses in the long run but expect a return on your investment of 60%-90% and may also earn you a green energy tax credit of 10% if you upgrade to energy star-rated windows.
  • Decks are becoming increasingly popular and add appeal to your homes for prospective buyers when you sell your house. HGTV claims that homeowners were able to recoup 65%-90% of their investment just by simply adding a deck.
  • Regular Maintenance such a repainting, fixing leaking roofs, replacing damaged or rotting wood and ensuring your house is in tip-top condition will always add value to your home and prevent it from deteriorating.

Before embarking on a renovation project, try using our available online tools to help you visualize the outcome, estimate the costs, and find the right professional for your home renovation.

Home renovation before and after: 1939 home in Dallas, Texas

Take the home renovation before and after case of this house built in 1939 in Dallas, Texas which is listed for sale at $380,000. We wanted to show how to increase the value and aesthetic appeal of the house by modernizing some major areas like the kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom.

After consulting with our resident Architect Oriana Gomez-Zerpa she proposes the following:

Living Room remodel before and after

The idea is to remodel the living room without increasing its size by allowing for more natural light to come in by replacing the windows, changing the paint color to make it brighter. The flooring will be replaced with hardwood on a lighter shade, trims placed on the ceilings, improved lighting, and new furniture seems to make the area more welcoming.

Estimated cost: $10,277


living room beforeAFTER

living room after

Image Credit: Arch. Maria Gabriela Saldivia

Bedroom remodel before and after

Remodeling the bedroom without increasing its size, a medium scale project at   12’ x 14’ or 168 sqft. Repaint walls for a cozier bedroom, improve its lighting and replacing trims.

Estimated cost: $4,888


bedroom before


bedroom after

Image Credit: Arch. Maria Gabriela Saldivia

Bathroom remodel before and after

A small sized project (5’x8’=40sqft) for a bathroom remodeling, with the improvement of its plumbing (upgrade of fixtures, with a much modern style), and replacement of the tiles, as well as the water closet and sink

Estimated cost: $5,410


bathroom before


bathroom after

Image Credit: Arch. Maria Gabriela Saldivia

Kitchen remodel before and after

Remodeling of the medium sized kitchen (10’x14’=140sqft), division to be demolished to create a bigger open space, improved electrical, plumbing fixtures, modernized cabinets, replace tiles and trims and fresh paint color.

Estimated cost: $23,235


kitchen before


kitchen after

Image Credit: Arch. Maria Gabriela Saldivia

The difference in the home renovation projects as per the renders are a great improvement from the current state of these rooms or parts of the house. Undertaking this project will boost the value of the house after renovation:

  • The total estimated cost for the interventions = $43,810
  • The the total estimated equity built = $81,992
  • The estimated new home value = $461,992

You can see the substantial increase in the property’s value coupled with the enhancements made to the home which offers so much inspiration to those thinking of renovating their homes. See what magnificent changes a few home improvement projects can do for your home, get some money-saving tips, special offers and more. Get the estimates you need to start on your home improvement project today!

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