8 Dirtiest Places in Your Home that Need Cleaning

how to clean the dirtiest places in your house
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There are different types of dirty places. Some are visibly dirty if you care to look since they are out of sight. Others appear clean but have colonies of bacteria on them. Learn where you need to look and what you need to clean to keep your family healthy.

Above and under kitchen cabinets

These are some of the places which may not have the greatest number of harmful bacteria, but they definitely have obvious layers of dirt on them. The top of your kitchen cabinets is out of reach and most people clean it about twice a year. It is a layer of sticky greasy residue with dust, hair, insects and everything else found in the air stuck on it. The situation below your cabinets is pretty much the same. The only exception is that there can also be food which somehow fell and rolled under during a meal preparation.

Kitchen countertops and chopping boards

wood cutting boards

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Speaking of preparing meals, anything that has been in contact with the food you are making, raw ingredients, in particular, leave bacteria behind. Even though you usually wash it straight away and it appears to be clean. Use hot soapy water at the end of every day, or once you are done using the chopping board. Wash it thoroughly and use the appropriate antibacterial cleaner to wipe it.

Dish sponge

dish sponge

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Believe it or not, this is probably your germiest belonging. Dish sponge is said to be the dirtiest “place” in your kitchen which is quite ironic seeing that you use it to clean other things. If you want to eat from clean dishes, without using the dishwasher, you need to replace your sponge at least once in two weeks. In the meantime, you can wash it out and wring it out after every use and microwave it for two minutes a day. Your kitchen rags aren’t much better, but they are easily machine washable and bleached. You should replace them, that is, use a fresh one every, or every second day.

Pet bowl

dog bowls

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Moving on, away from the kitchen, or perhaps still in it, depending on where you choose to feed your pets, we have the pet bowl. Along with pet toys, it is also one of the most germ-infested places in a household. Treat your pets’ dishes the same way you treat yours and wash them at least once a day if you want to keep them fairly clean. No matter how clean your pets are, they are not as sanitary as you wish them to be and their bowl, if left unwashed for days, can become very dirty.

A toothbrush cup

toothbrush holder

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A bathroom is an obvious place where germs reside. It is no surprise they can be found in areas around the toilet bowl, bathtub, shower, or faucets. It is surprising, though, that one of the dirtiest places in the bathroom is, actually, your toothbrush cup. Luckily, it is easily washable, however, we often tend to overlook it and simply wipe it on the outside. Next time remember to wash it with hot water and soap and do it twice a week.

The living room carpet

living room carpet

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This piece of fabric, to say, has seen the most traffic over any other similar item in your home. It stores hairs, dust, pollen, skin cells, pet dander etc. and, thus, is a perfect soil for bacteria.  A general recommendation is to vacuum it weekly, however as it is not too much work, you can do it daily. This is especially important to cover if you have pets or children. Once you vacuum it, use sanitizing spray. Wash it thoroughly at least once a year.


air conditioner

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Your air conditioning is not only a perfect nest for germs, but it is also a great way of spreading them. The filter in your AC is the one causing issues, so you should have it cleaned or replaced at least once a year. This is particularly important for those who are anticipating the allergy season. A clean airconditioning unit is essential for good health.

Phones, remotes, keyboards

clean the phone

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You are one of the most effective ways of spreading the bacteria throughout the house. The studies conducted have spotted the same type of bacteria in various parts of your home. Your electronic devices, for example, have some of the bacteria the sponge does. We have already learned that this is not a good thing. Any electronics that all your family members handle every day, should be disinfected regularly. Make sure you do not cause damage by scratching them or soaking in water.

This list is scary, even without the detail record of all the bacteria found in each individual place. Try to remember when and how to clean them, but perhaps you want to forget why. You do not want to become trapped, cleaning your home, out of fear of bacteria.

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