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The only home renovation marketplace for homeowners
and industry professionals
Founder and CEO Raf Howery found the ultimate fixer-upper: the remodeling industry itself. As a homeowner, he recognized that home renovation was a fragmented and painful process for the consumer, and set out to change all that in 2014. Using his intense knowledge of cloud orchestration, SaaS and solutioning, Raf created Kukun. He believes that the solution lies in the trifecta of content, software and data. Kukun solves the fragmentation and frustration associated with home renovation by providing cutting-edge opportunities and tools in our marketplace – for the consumer as well as the real estate, loan, construction and retail industries.
Kukun’s mission is centered around these values
Honesty and transparency
Kukun is here for the homeowner, first and formost. By making every step in the process as clear as possible, renovators are empowered and informed.
Whether your fear is going over budget, hiring the wrong person, losing control of your project, having
your life disrupted, or having your project take way too much time, nearly every homeowner experiences
renophobia – the fear of home renovation – in some way.
Kukun is here to help.
Professionals aren’t charged to join the Kukun Professional Network and they can’t pay to rank at the top
of the listings, because hiring the right person shouldn’t be about marketing dollars.
Social responsibility and sustainability
Kukun is on a mission to build a more sustainable, energy-efficient housing market. By renovating
existing homes in smart ways, unnecessary buildouts are avoided.
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Raf Howery
Founder & CEO
Co-Founder & COO