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The Power of Planting an Idea

Most homeowners start their remodelling journey by first doing research. Our magazine is built to inform and educate remodelers. Be part of that education process and increase your brand awareness with them.


Planting an idea
Plant ideas

Ideal for:

Retailers: Create articles about new products or tools you want to promote, make recommendations or give tips and advice.

Lenders: Create content that educates borrowers on the different types of loans you offer and how to select the best loan for them.

Construction Companies: Spotlight your best projects, your latest successes, and provide guidance you think will benefit homeowners and showcase your expertise.

Realtors: Publish articles about the home buying process, key considerations and how you can help

Spotlight your business in the most broadly used Renovation & ROI Calculator

Our free renovation cost & ROI calculator is embedded using a simple widget in countless websites across the real estate, retail, lending and construction industries. Homeowners use it to estimate the cost of their future renovation projects. Target this captive and ready audience with advertisements about your products and services.

Spotight your business
ROI Calculator

Ideal for:

Retailers: Advertise your products, tools and materials by geography.

Lenders: Advertise your home remodeling loans to homeowners ready to renovate.

Gain mindshare and exposure with homeowners ripe and ready for your products and services.

Data services

Get engaged with users while they are using our remodeling tools

The users of our online tools are the most engaged and ready to buy. Whether they are estimating the cost of a project, hiring a contractor, creating a quote request, or managing their project, they are serious and more inclined to commit to transact.

Ideal for:

Retailers: Place your ads in our tools so it's quick and easy for them to buy their project materials from you.

Lenders: Promote your loans after they get project budget.

Construction Companies: Be more visible and increase the chances of getting selected for the projects they are estimating using our tool.

Realtors: Homeowners often estimate in our tool a "Makeover" finish level when they are getting ready to sell their house. Advertise to them and grab those listings.

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The best place to be in front of a serious prospect thinking about a home renovation

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The recipients of our newsletter are serious buyers passionate about renovation. Target this captive audience by being included in the newsletter.

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