The holidays are here to remind us that it is time to think of others and give them original and surprising gifts. Kukun in collaboration with its world renowned designers and artisans have selected for you special and unique items to give your loved ones. Express your originality and unique approach to things and give the gift of hand made art and design. Each product is hand made with precision and passion so go ahead explore these unique Christmas gift ideas and surprise your family and friends or clients.

Artist : Atelier Passage Secret

Yaël Malignac is a graduate of Ecole Boulle who has worked in the luxury industry for 11 years, for Lalique Cristalleries and JL Coquet porcelains. Guillaume Descoings is a modeler and ceramic technician who worked as a trainer, technician and developer for interior architecture projects. It is around porcelain that they met, and it was in this material that they wished to work together.

“It’s a strong emulation between our creative and technical skills that made us want to form this duo. We like the unusual, the unexpected, the poetry and the beautiful. We want to create contrast to highlight porcelain, its whiteness, its fragility, its translucency. We take the time to invent, design and create each unique piece…”

  1. Acropora vase XS to XL

Price: $340 – $680

Engraved black and white porcelain vase.

PassageSecret_Acropora Vase


Artist : Arturass

Arturass reinterprets the art of folding and origami in his work by playing with materials, textures and light. His objects are for him the opportunity to associate the aesthetics and technique of the folded object with normal functionality. Sculptures, decorations and lighting all at once, his creations are an occasion for reflection on the multiple facets of the object.

  1. Astroid Wave TS

Price: $460

Origami bedroom lamp ASTROID WAVE TRIPOD TS is made of one single folded sheet of polypropylene and tripod is made with three wood rods in an oak socket.

Arturass_Astroid_TS lamp

2. Astro SWL  

Price: $375

The origami lamp ASTRO SWL is composed of one single folded sheet of polypropylene. Electric cable 1.6 m long is coated with black textile, high quality integrated brushed steel rocker switch.

Arturass_Astro_SWL01 lamp

Artist : Anne Fontaimpe

Anne Fontaimpe is a young textile designer. Located in Nancy, in the North-East of France, she specializes in embroidery, which she uses on numerous supports: cushions, accessories, paintings and even luminous boxes that are similar to a photographic frame.

  1. Embroidered Landscape 1  

Price: $720

Large format embroidered board made with a cotton canvas embroidered using mechanical embroidery and hand embroidery with cotton, polyester and metallic thread.

Room art decor


Room art decor

2. Embroidered Landscape 2  

Price: $670

Large format embroidered board made with a cotton canvas embroidered using mechanical embroidery (manually guided sewing machine) and hand embroidery with cotton, polyester and metallic thread.

Room art decoration

Artist : Sara Grace Wevill

Originally from Wales, Sara Grace Wevill is a contemporary ceramist based in France. Her decorative pieces reveal her love of colors, deep blues and turquoises in particular. Passionate about Arab architecture, her pieces are invitations to discover the lost shapes and colors of ancient Greece and Egypt.

  1. Blue Conical Vase

Price: $365

Mat blue conical vase in enameled sandstone with gilding in gold, copper and platinum surrounding the neck.

Vase decor

Vase decoration

2. Black Bottle

Price: $585

Black enameled (glossy) sandstone bottle with gold, copper and platinum gilding surrounding the neck and upper body.

BouteilleNoir vase

3. Blue Bottles, trio

Price: $1,310

Three blue bottles in (satin) enameled sandstone with gold, copper and platinum gilding around the neck and upper body.

Colors: Egyptian blue, turquoise and ocean blue.

Bouteille Bleu vase

4. Egyptian blue plate

Price: $950

Large plate with gradient in Egyptian blue and clear turquoise. Gilding in gold, copper and platinum.

Coupelle Bleu plate

Artist: Walter Bellini

Fascinated by precious wood and rare materials, the artist makes boxes and luxurious contemporary office accessories inspired by decorative French eighteenth century techniques.

  1.  Card box in ziricote

Price: $748

Made of Ziricote, inlaid with three points of mother of pearl. The corner beads are in rosewood from India.

Decorative box

decorative box plus carts

2. Pen Tray in solid ebony and mammoth ivory

Price: $785

Solid Gabon ebony, with mammoth ivory inlays. Wax finish.

Protection pad of alcantara under the pen tray to avoid scratches.

Protection pad

Artist : Vero Reato

Based in Metz, France, Vero Reato explores the possibilities of “gray matter” and constantly feeds her research on the natural environment that surrounds her. Fascinated by nature, she gathers and lists plants and minerals according to form and colors. Her gatherings serve as a source of inspiration in the creation of her decorative objects and wall installations.

  1. Naturalis

Price: $627

Concrete (ivory color).

Bamboo inclusions. Inserts of wood of different species. Oxides.

bamboo inclusions art


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