There are plenty of ways to create a stunning home with a rustic, country vibe that’s chic enough for any city dweller. But creating a complete, personalized home of any style involves selecting the right artwork, and what you display should add to the aesthetic of your home, not take away from it. Here, Kukun’s art and interior design experts combine to help you select artwork for a rustic-style home.

What defines a rustic-style home?

Rustic interior design shares traits with its country counterpart, and both have fairly broad definitions. Think natural materials, whitewashing, beauty in simplicity, and an overall warm, comfortable feel. Rustic style provides plenty of creative freedom – you can go more toward the industrial side with metal and wood, and provide beautiful contrast with a knotty wood table and a shining chandelier, or bring on the country side with barn doors and plenty of distressing. Natural, neutral color palettes are common no matter what kind of rustic you go with, and wood and stone are always welcome.

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Styles of art to look for

A rustic or country style home will beg for similar art, and there is a wealth of it to be found. Most likely, this style of art will call Andrew Wyeth or Winslow Homer to mind. These artists’ work focuses on daily life in the U.S. Their art now creates nostalgia for that simple, rustic life of days gone by.

You can also bring a sense of nostalgia and degree of personalization to your space with different types of décor. Try hanging a quilt, perhaps one that has special memories for you. Old photographs either of your town or your own family will also have a similar effect. If you’re a photographer by any stretch of the word, try capturing that same sense of daily life.

Have old photographs professionally mounted and framed using archival materials and UV blocking glass. This is the best way to protect your old photographs and ensure that they’ll last for generations to come. Stylistically speaking, you should frame them with a wide mat in white or another light, neutral color. The wide matting can give an aesthetic weight to the content, enlarge the piece if necessary, and allow it to stand out against the rustic interior of your home.


If you lean toward reverence for the outdoors, you can add art that pays homage to that as well.

wooden sculpture

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No matter what kind of art you choose, make sure that it adds to the warm, comfortable feel that rustic interiors inherently provide, and you can enjoy a personalized space that definitely feels like home.

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