Gerald Siciliano is a Brooklyn-based artist whose work has been shown around the world. Having trained at the prestigious Pratt Institute in New York, where he now teaches, he works as a sculptor and heads a design firm that provides three-dimensional marketing solutions for clients. His work can be found in private, public, and corporate collections.

His sculptures in particular can be seen in international collections, such as the Brooklyn Museum, New York; Busan Olympic Park Sculpture Garden, South Korea; Chang Won Municipal Sculpture Garden, South Korea; and Tangiers Waterfront Sculpture Park, Morocco.

His work combines a formalist appreciation for the human figure with a stark understanding of line and material, which figures predominantly in his more abstract works as well. In his own words, he describes it as, “classical, traditional, impressionist, expressionist, minimalist, formalist … but all with a thoroughly modern, thoroughly 21st century sensibility.”

After his formal training, he worked for and with other artists, developing his skills, his perceptions, and his range. This exposure established a lifetime habit of growth.

“As I acquired each skill set, I sought its essence and then, fine tuning it, each set became ‘my own’ thus enhancing my means and methods, and my potential. The cycle continues in that manner today, embracing the new to augment my participation in the art process.”

Gerald Siciliano's sculpture

Seated Study III – 9x9x9 inches Bronze, edition of nine, six to eight week fabrication $5,100 Variations available.

Seated Study III depicts a classic nude, reminiscent of Rodin’s more expressive sculptures. In much the same way, the medium of metal is utilized to elicit emotion. You can almost feel the tension in the chest, not just through the careful depiction of the sculpted muscles, but also through the roughness and discoloration of the metal surface. Of particular interest is the angle of the body, almost off-kilter. Look long enough and you will ask yourself, “What is this pose? Is she lying down, or sitting up? Is she recoiling, or is she reaching? What can be happening?”

When asked what he hopes viewers see in his work, his answers encompass the tangible and the intangible.

“The form, the color, the texture, the ineffable essence that answers questions while prompting others. I am often delighted to hear a viewer’s reaction and response to my work … as they coincide, or not, with my own and so move me to another ‘seeing.’”


Gerald Siciliano's Loop 1

Loop 1 – 9 x 9 x 9 inches
Aluminum Maquette
Enlargements available; prices vary. Please allow extra time for packaging and delivery.

Loop 1 is another piece that utilizes the qualities of the metal while exploring more abstract shapes. As your eye follows the loops, you become aware of the inherent properties of the aluminum that form such simple, soothing lines. You find yourself mentally tracing the edges endlessly, almost like a zen exercise in repetition. The forms convey a lightness that suggests so many other materials with the same properties, such as ribbon or taffy. At once, the piece is both heavy metal and weightlessly languid.

Gerald Siciliano’s work is contemplative and perfect for a contemplative home. It can bring both an ethereal and grounded quality to a home. His work would be perfect for a sleek, contemporary home, with strong lines, natural materials, and neutral colors. Consider his work as an investment and as a meditative escape.

Both of these pieces and more are available for sale.

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