Revamping Hacks of the Classic Stairway

staircase alternative

Staircases can be beautiful, but they’re also a bit bland. With poles, slides, ramps, and the like, there are many novel ways to move between floors. Here, we’ll explore some exciting alternatives to the classic staircase.


Not solely the property of firefighters, poles can be fun way to add a touch of comedy and idiosyncrasy to your home. As well as creating openings and views between floors, they take up minimal space in a room and act as real party-piece feature. Kids also love these additions, adding a sense of adventure to their playtime. Check out this example in an otherwise standard living room:

fire pole in a house


Want to get downstairs fast? Take a look at this amazingly sculptural concrete chute that actually crosses inside and outside this house, becoming part of the fabric of the building:

cement chute in a house

chute in a house


For a more open version of the chute, designers and architects also experiment with slides, which allow for views on the way down. Enjoying the twists and turns made possible by using steel panels, these slides add organic forms to geometric spaces:

metal slide in a house

Metal slide as staircase

Walk up and slide down? A slender slide adds extra wow factor to this wooden stair/bookcase and is the ideal play piece for kids.

wood slide


Often used in compliance with disabled access building regulations, the ramp is often underplayed and little attention is given to it design-wise. These homes, however, make the ramp a central feature, truly integrating it into the shell of the building.

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In this example, the ramp is a natural extension of the floor plane, the lines of the exposed structural beam and balustrade reveal how the ramp elegantly flows from the ground to the first floor, an excellent example of the seamless flow of functionality into design.

ramps in a modern house

Here, this wide ramp becomes part of the living space itself, made habitable by adding large floor cushions:

moving platforms in a house 

Moving platforms

Adding a touch of James Bond glamour, this elevating platform magically lifts you from the ground to the first floor as you study in your home office:

elevator in modern home

Climb up

Check out this novel solution for a house of climbing enthusiasts, where climbing walls and ladders make going upstairs an adventure.

Ladders can make or break a functional design when it comes to small spaces. Ladders are becoming more and more popular when it comes to those living in tiny houses. Retractable, foldable, or moveable, ladders really can do it all.

climbing walls and ladders in a home


Last, but not least, the elevator. Not only for apartment stores or offices, residential elevators are on the rise particularly due to the need to make homes more accessible for the older population.

Many believe elevators to be extremely expensive, and wouldn’t even be able to imagine what installing one would cost. However, a residential elevator is feasible in some renovation budgets. The average cost of installing an elevator in a renovation is less than $50,000, depending upon the need to build a shaft, electrical etc…

Take a look at this home elevator as it forms the core of the stairs, and together they make a beautiful glass centerpiece:

glass stairscase

Looking to the past for inspiration, this classic, ornate elevator is a room in itself:

antique home elevator


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