In order to achieve good bedroom lighting, you need to combine good reading lamps by the nightstands with a clear and pleasant general light.
A ceiling fixture or a pendant lamp is recommended to light up the entire room, preferably with indirect lighting (pointing to the ceiling and reflected from there). This will generate a soft light in the room without shadows.

bedroom ceiling lights

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A floor lamp or table lamp, can also be used for general light, but keep in mind that it should be turned on from the entrance of the bedroom. It’s not convenient to have to walk around in the dark to turn it on. 

floor lamps

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The reading light is usually placed on the bedside table, but it can also be placed on the wall (over the bed or beside it) or hanging from the ceiling. This allows the nightstand to remain clear for books and other objects. Nightstands can get crowded, so determine what are your bedtime must-haves, and decide which options works best for you.

bedside lamps

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Children’s rooms may need a more general light and perhaps a light on the desk or reading area. Reading lamps with articulated arms and screens are more flexible than fixed lamps. If more than one person sleeps in the same bedroom, you should be careful to choose a type of lamp and a location that will not disturb others. 

desk lamp

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