If you’re suffering from constant backaches or sciatica and have to endure hours on the chair in your workplace or home office, it can be quite an ordeal. Well, you needn’t suffer anymore. All you have to do is buy the best living room chair for back pain on the market. 

But do you know which is the best living room chair for back pain? That’s why we are here. We’ve curated a list of chairs, lounge chairs, and recliners that will provide you with long-term, maximum comfort. 

The fact is, persistent back pain doesn’t just make you feel miserable, it impedes your productivity, tires you out, and messes with your happiness. With the best living room chair for back pain, you can improve your overall health and comfort level. 

A good ergonomic or orthopedic living room chair will offer you lumbar support – conforming to the natural alignment of your spine and keeping your posture straight. These types of chairs help relieve your existing backaches and prevent back pain in the future.

And that is such a blessing. Everyone craves the feeling of coming home after a long day at work and enjoying the comfort of a good living room chair. While some chairs are soft and wide to give you good lumbar support, others are built with vibrating mechanisms that gently massage your back muscles.

If you’re suffering from sciatica, back pain, neck pain, or any other spine-related condition that causes discomfort when sitting or standing for long periods of time, then some of these best living room chairs for back pain and sciatica will help you bounce back to good health. 

ANJ Recliner Chair R6488

This recliner chair looks as though it was made to fit your living room decor. The recliner chair is heavily padded to offer 100% comfort and a great look. What’s more, it can recline up to 145 degrees.

The chair – made with high-quality fabric – gives good support to your lumbar as well as feet. With sturdy feet, it can support body weights up to 300lbs. It’s indeed one of the most comfortable chairs to help you relax. Its backrest adjusts itself to accommodate your body movements. And the best part is that chair maintenance is also easy. All you have to do is wipe off the dirt regularly with a clean cloth.


  • Great looking living room furniture
  • Can recline up to 145˚
  • Relaxing for the feet and body
  • Soft and padded armrest and seat for extra comfort
  • Easy to clean


  • Does not rock or swivel
  • Limited color options 

CANMOV Power Recliner

If you have a senior family member at home who suffers from back pain, this ergonomic living room recliner will be perfect for them. It’s built with the elderly in mind. Having said that, it’s safe for the young and the old alike. It’s designed with a heavy-duty mechanism whereby it can recline to an almost-erect position. The comfortably soft chair comes with a thick pillow and anti-skid upholstery.

What’s more, the chair has a convenient side pocket that can hold books, remote controls, and phones. So, once you’re seated in the chair, you don’t have to move around the room much.

It nicely supports the lumbar and spine – reducing discomfort and back pains. However, if you’re suffering from an existing back ailment, it’s always a good idea to use the chair after a specialist’s prescription.


  • Comfortable and elderly-friendly
  • Padded armrest, backrest, and seat
  • Antiskid upholstery
  • Has a remote control for easy maneuvering
  • Can recline or tilt to an almost upright position
  • Durable chair with a side pocket
  • Easy to install
  • Comes with a warranty


  • Doesn’t swivel or rock

Domesis Cortez Recliner Chair

recliner chair for living room

If you’re looking for a comfortable recliner specially designed for pain relief, the Domesis Cortez reclines back easily and is propped on four angled legs. You can place the stylish chair anywhere in your living room. It’s made with quality linen upholstery fabric and good padding. Moreover, it’s adorned with antique, bronze accents that add a classy touch to the chair. 


  • Made using good quality upholstery and hardwood
  • Metallic accents and a formal look for sophistication
  • Durable, comfortable, and easy to assemble
  • Good weight capacity


  • Comparatively smaller recliner
  • Thin and firm seat cushion

Mac Motion Pub Leisure Chair

This sitting chair is quite an interesting living room addition as it’s made of good quality fabric, a sturdy hardwood frame, thick tubular steel support, strategically placed layers of memory foam, and a thickly padded soft seat as well as a backrest. And, it’s available in bright colors. 

The best feature of this chair is its 360-degree swivel capability. So, what you get are comfort and convenience in one piece of furniture. This modern-looking chair can support your weight and help reduce back pain by increasing circulation to different parts of your body. 


  • Swivels 360 degrees 
  • Padded with a thick and comfortable seat as well as back support
  • Available in beautiful colors
  • High-quality fabric covering


  • Heavy chair 
  • Small chair, not suitable for tall people

Human Touch Novo Massage Chair

Now here’s a beautifully designed massage chair that’s loaded with features and recommended by many. If you have the space and the money for this amazing chair, you should buy it at the earliest. Keep in mind that it may not look like a typical lounge chair. However, despite its modern design, it blends seamlessly with your living room or family room décor.

Most importantly, it’s great for relieving lower back pain and offers a combination of full-body massage techniques, warm air lumbar support, and a long warranty.

It’s designed to follow the natural curve of your spine. It even wraps itself under the seat so the quad rollers gently massage your glutes and the back of your thighs.

It’s the perfect way to unwind after a long day as the chair helps to rejuvenate your entire body from head to toe. Well, it even plays music for you!


  • Luxurious massage chair
  • Offers great support and lumbar heat massage
  • Comes with more than 30 automatic preset programs and Bluetooth speakers
  • Relaxing after a hard day’s work


  • High price tag
  • The modern chair design may not appeal to everyone
  • There are no heating elements for the calves

Mid-Century Retro Modern Upholstered Back Chair

If you’re looking for a timeless chair design, this simple yet effective sling chair effortlessly blends into any part of your home. The walnut wood lounging chair is durable, thickly cushioned, and comfortable.

The chair cushions are made from a thick fabric that’s easy to clean and even remove or replace. Once you assemble the chair, it can withstand a weight of 330lbs easily.


  • Sturdy frame, thick cushions, and timeless looks
  • Durable, made using walnut wood
  • Fits into any type of contemporary décor setting


  • Comes with a few confusing assembling instructions 
  • Armrests are not padded

Esright Electric Power Lift Recliner

Here’s a modern chair design that can recline or power tilt to become almost horizontal – reducing the load on your spine. This thickly padded, sturdy recliner offers lumbar heating and vibrating massage functions. What’s more, it’s remote-controlled and has USB ports for charging your electrical gadgets. And the PU leather gives it a cool look.


  • Comes with an electric power lift
  • Already assembled chair
  • Convenient cup holders, side pockets, and USB ports for charging low-power gadgets
  • Comfortable padding and anti-pilling as well as anti-felting material 
  • Ideal for lumbar heating and vibrating massages 
  • Remote controlled 


  • A bit noisy at the time of tilting

Tuoze Home Theater Ergonomic Recliner

This is indeed one of the best living room chairs for back pain because of its ergonomic design. Its footrest can extend when required and its backrest can recline up to 145 degrees.

The durable chair will definitely help relieve any kind of back strain and promote proper posture. Besides, it looks aesthetically pleasing with its high-quality upholstery fabric and its metal as well as wooden frames. The contemporary-styled lounge chair will definitely bring a touch of elegant charm to your home decor.


  • Reclining backrest and movable footrest that offer maximum comfort
  • Curved, comfortable armrests 
  • Padded ergonomic sofa
  • Durable, with a metal and wood frame
  • Budget-friendly pricing


  • Simple design

Choosing the best living room chair for back pain

best living room chair for back pain

Before you buy the best living room chair for back pain, it’s important to find one that’s functional, comfortable, and stylish. Keep in mind that the average cost for a durable, comfortable recliner made with quality materials is between $800 and $2,000. Of course, higher-end features will increase the chair cost significantly. 

Here are some of the features you should be looking for in a chair or recliner:

  • Stylish looks and ergonomic design
  • Comfortable seating, footrest, and a neck pad
  • Firm lumbar support and strategically placed grooves for overall pain management
  • Massage and heat feature for the lower back region 
  • Thick padding in the backrest
  • Flexible features to accommodate different people
  • Adjustable, easy-to-recline chair
  • Good quality, durable, and long-lasting upholstery material
  • A suitable budget 

Last thoughts

Many people in the world are back pain sufferers (with upper and lower back pain) or have sciatica. You could blame it on a bad posture or long hours of standing or sitting that can put undue stress on the spine and back muscles. And this eventually causes fatigue and overall health deterioration. 

Whatever the reason, it’s crucial to buy a chair that helps alleviate some of these problems for good. 

We hope these living room chairs will help you relax, combat back pain, and give you maximum comfort. 

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