When you put up decorations to celebrate Christmas, you might focus on the lawn, your front door, and the dining room table. It is easy to bring in the Christmas cheer when your house is decorated cheerfully, with miniature snowflakes, ornaments, wreaths, and tinsel.  Whether you want to string up festive lights from the rafters or hang mistletoe from your chandelier, here is how you can make your ceiling light the star of your home.

Choosing a Decorative Light Bulb

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Bright lighting makes rooms feel more vibrant and lively. You can see better, and guests feel more comfortable socializing. Dimly lit rooms can create a more intimate or laid-back mood, so if you’re getting ready to get cozy by the fire, consider turning down the lights. Choose a light bulb that will cast off soft lighting if you’re planning a more low-key event. Get a colored light bulb if you are hosting a kooky ugly Christmas sweater party at home. Lastly, get a bright LED bulb if you’re planning on dancing the night away.

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Decorating Ceiling Light Fixtures

Your ceiling lights can be festive on their own or you can add a bit more cheer by doing a few small things. Hanging a lightweight paper mobile from your ceiling adorned with reindeer, elves, or angels will get everyone in the mood to celebrate with Christmas cheer. Garlands can also be hung from your ceiling light, but do be careful about putting things close to the light bulb. You will want to use non-flammable materials and a fixative that isn’t going to melt.

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For people who want a cheap solution to buying lots of decorations, some general ceiling lights like these can make for a festive feel. Designs such as glass or crystal lights can give your home a festive, wintery vibe, without necessarily needing to be changed after the holiday has ended.

Changing Your Ceiling Light

If you don’t think that the ceiling light you have installed is particularly festive, you can get a new one. Choose a tiered hanging chandelier that will look lovely in your home during the holidays and afterward. Select a light fixture that has crystals or faux candles so that visitors notice your dramatic lighting right away. Have a light fixture installed that will make your other interior decorations stand out and dazzle your friends and relatives when they come to visit.

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Lights on Lights Off

A lot of new ceiling light fixtures do much more than just turn on and off. You can have your ceiling light dimmed so that the room looks more dramatic, or turn it all the way on so that every part of the area is well illuminated. One of these ceiling light fixtures is sufficient to light up an entire room, so there’s no need for floor lamps or table lighting. This can also give you more room to celebrate in your home.

Quality Ceiling Lights

Take the time to find a high-quality ceiling light fixture as it will last longer and you’ll need fewer repairs. Even more importantly, the lighting in the common areas of your home will be much better suited. Avoid the need to turn on several lights and lamps in your living room just to be able to see everything properly. Find a nice ceiling light that will complement your house during the winter holidays as well as every other season.

While you’re busy stringing up Christmas lights and putting up the Christmas stocking, first be certain that the main ceiling lights in your home are in working order. All of the bulbs should be changed so that they’re guaranteed to cast off steady light. Taking this step will also ensure that you don’t have to make a mad dash to the shops during your festivities or otherwise pause your winter celebrations.

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