Check Out the Hottest Home Design Trends for 2015

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A new year is a time for resolutions, reflection, a fresh start, and hot new interior design trends. If you’re thinking of giving your space a new look in 2015, check out the latest and greatest innovations in design. Even if beautifying your home isn’t on your resolution list, these stunning interior design trends might inspire you to change things up.

Rich, deep tones

Forget pastels and put your subdued beige, eggshell, and warm honey paint swatches down. This year, interior design is all about saturated, stunning hues that will turn heads while providing an air of sophistication. Color authority Pantone named the earthy red hue Marsala its Color of the Year, and it’s easy to see why. This color is warm, stylish, and spicy. It mixes well with charcoal greys and vibrant blues, as seen in the iconic interior at Walsh St. House by Australian architect Robin Boyd.   


Mixed metals

Mixed-metal surfaces and furniture continue to shine in 2015. Look for striking reflective elements, as seen in this London interior by Dominic McKenzie


and these brass lamps by Tom Dixon, which are carefully created by renowned craftsmen in North India.


Geometric shapes

Even if you hated geometry class, you’ll find something to love with this trend. Geometric lines and tessellating shapes are all the rage when it comes to furniture and surface motifs. Add a pretty octagonal punch to any room with this Gem Coffee Table by Debra Folz.


You can also partake in the geometric trend with Marrakech Design’s Dandelion hexagon tile. Their vibrant blue color is sure to turn heads.

Marrakech Design

Image credit: claesson koivisto


Patricia Urquiola’s Tropicalia chair offers another way to play with this trend, and plenty of options. Go for a super-bright version with multiple colors of thread, a more subdued take done in a single hue, or a sophisticated leather variety.

If you want to show your walls some angular love, Etoffe’s Minakani Lab wallpaper is just the thing. This perky paper is the epitome of eye-catching, and can add a playful element to your space.




Padded furnishings

One of the great things about being in your home is that you can be more comfortable there than just about any other place. This year, origami-inspired, folded, padded, and cushioned furnishings will keep you comfortable and provide a stunning touch to your home.


Vertical gardens

Gardening may already be a much-beloved activity, but these green spaces will move more indoors in 2015. Think of bringing the things you love about being outside into your space with innovative approaches. If your home is on the small side, or you’re an apartment dweller, don’t worry — there’s a way to get a little stylish greenery into any space.

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