Check Out Fabio Fantolino’s One-of-a-Kind Designs  

Dining Room Fabrizio Carraro Loft Cube
Loft Cube. Image credit: Fabrizio Carraro.

Clients looking for highly personalized, on-trend interior design should look no further than Fabio Fantolino’s design studio. Gathering a team of expert craftsmen for each project, the studio focuses on creating atmosphere and character with an adept balance of volumes, materials, and lighting. The studio designs custom furnishings for each interior to ensure a truly unique final product, while keeping the client in mind. The studio takes on a mix of residential, commercial, and office projects, always keeping with the same design philosophy.

In the residential project Basilica, the studio incorporated the original structures of the ancient home with modern furnishing and materials. The result was a sleek juxtaposition of old, represented in the original wood floors and exposed brick walls, and new, in the modern lines of the furnishings. To create further contrast, the furniture itself is made of scared durmast wood and dark iron sheets. The warmth of the wood and the coolness of the iron create a 3D effect.

Taverna Cardinale Fabrizio Carraro

Taverna Cardinale. Image credit: Fabrizio Carraro.

By contrast to the previous project, the Taverna Cardinale is a basement lounge area, designed to invoke the sense of being in a cave or some other secret hideout. As such, the colors and lighting of the space were kept dark and dim. Darkened brickwork and opaque wood furnishings, accented by recessed lighting, lend a shadowy and mysterious atmosphere.

Loft Cube Fabrizio Carraro

Loft Cube. Image credit: Fabrizio Carraro.

The Loft Cube is a more conceptual design, based on the idea that a loft can be transformed to fit the needs of the resident. The residence is comprised of a large glass cube, which provides panoramic views of the surrounding city and the Alps. Within the cube, daniela scared chestnut panels that disappear into the walls allow the occupant to close off and open up spaces at will. The furnishings designate various zones in the open-concept living space, including a conversation zone and a dining zone, much as they would in a studio loft space.

Before opening his studio in 2001, Fabio Fantolino graduated from the Politecnico di Torino (Polytechnic University of Turin) with a degree in architecture. For several years, the studio has designed for PHANTO, an Italian design company and furniture manufacturer. The studio’s work has also been featured in many European magazines, and repeatedly lauded for its  beauty and authenticity.

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