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unbuilt at design miami 2015

Design lovers know there’s more to Miami than sunshine and nightlife, and that’s perhaps best on display today, with the opening of the 11th edition of the Design Miami fair. Talented purveyors and creators of beautiful home goods will convene Dec. 2–6 for a few days of collaborating and exchanging innovative ideas, and even though there are far too many amazing architecture and interior design things happening for us to stuff into this week’s link roundup, there are a few points that make this year’s fair extra interesting.

Design Miami 2015 will include a few firsts – the UNBUILT project, created by five students from the Harvard GSD Master of Architecture program, marks the first time Design Miami has collaborated with a school, and also its first design competition. Gallery Firma Casa will display beautiful home products from the Campana Brothers, according to, and serve as the first gallery from Brazil to be included in the event. If you’re lucky enough to be in Miami right now, pick up a one-day ticket for $25 on Design Miami’s site and check out the Market, where you can score limited edition and custom objects, ornaments, accessories, and edibles. You can also keep up on all the design goodness from afar by following the fair on Twitter.

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Speaking of unique design, if you’re in the market for a new chair and can’t seem to find anything that’s extraordinary enough for you, meet QSTO, a new design company that believes in “simple, affordable and easy to use design than has more to offer than simple beauty.” The company currently offers its Suzac “sail chairs” in two sizes, with customizable colors for the frame, cover, and shock cord, so you can make this already intriguing chair even more unique.

If your home improvement ambitions go beyond new furnishings, check out what ConstructionDive has to say about the latest trends in home renovation. The gist: bathrooms and kitchens are still frontrunners when it comes to upping the value of your home, and the keys to a positive ROI with any renovation is careful planning and not over-personalizing the space.

Renovators will also want to think about one commonly overlooked detail – taxes. According to MarketWatch’s personal finance editor Amy Hoak, “renovations can significantly raise a home’s value, which can increase the amount for which it is assessed. Assessed value is used to determine your property tax.” Discovering if or how your taxes will change is a smart thing to do before you hire a contractor and hammers start swinging.

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