Dining Room Lighting

dining room lighting
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The main function of the dining room lighting is to illuminate the table, usually from a source located above it. As a general rule the light should be clear, without disturbing the eyes or producing shadows on the food or on the diners.

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When choosing a pendant lamp for dining room lighting, you should pay special attention to the following factors:

  • The light should not be very low
  • The light must not radiate a lot of  heat that would alter food or disturb the diners
  • The light’s brightness should not be excessive as it is annoying to the eye

To create a more flexible and decorative set,  general light can be combined with side lighting: a wall lamp, a floor lamp or a lamp on a side table. Using a dimmer allows greater flexibility in the use of lighting resources and the generation of different ambiances.

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dining room lighting

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A long dining table can be perfectly illuminated with two or more aligned lamps. Two lamps at each end of the table can be an interesting resource if a theatrical decor is desired.

dining room lighting

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Now get started with adding stylish decorative lights to your dining room and make the environment of this highly frequented area a cozy but a lively one.

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