Examples of Art Deco style echoes around our country. The iconic Chrysler building in New York City is designed in Art Deco style. Not only in the US, distant and ancient cultures had an influence on Art Deco style when it was forming. While the style only had popularity between the World Wars, it is still a symbol of extravagance, and can be used as a beautiful style in your living space.

If you’re a lover of all things luxe, have a penchant for the exotic, or consider the ’20s and ’30s to be the best in terms of style, an Art Deco-inspired living room may be perfect for you. Go for glamour, and check out these easy ways to add a touch of Art Deco style to your living room.


Sheen and Shine

Art Deco style is said to have stemmed from the 1925 Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes in Paris, which aimed to establish France as the authority in luxury and taste. So it’s not surprising that this style is about glamour. Mirrors and mirrored furniture, such as an eye-catching accent table, add a luxurious feel to any living room. Most art deco pieces will use geometric shapes with multiple sides, creating a layered or compartmented look.


A high-shine finish is another great way to add a touch of Art Deco style to your living room. DIY-ers can grab some black paint and a high-gloss varnish or other finishing product to create a sleek, sexy piece for their Art Deco-inspired space.



Print ideas

Image Source: By Rawpixel [CC BY-SA 4.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)], from Wikimedia Commons

Art Deco style involves bold, geometric shapes, such as a chevron pattern. To easily add some throwback flair to your living room, treat your walls to style-specific paper. Metallics are also characteristic of Art Deco style, so a metallic and geometric wallpaper is an especially good find. Not a fan of metallics? Look for a bold and bright hue, such as canary yellow.

A throw pillow that features a geometric pattern can also add to your Art Deco-inspired space, if you’re not ready to commit to patterned wallpaper. One of the best piece about Art Deco accent pieces, like throw pillows and other decorations, is that they mix well with a minimalist or Scandinavian design. A splash of color or patterns is the perfect break to the clean patterns and lines of minimalist design.


Black and White

black and white print

Image Source: By Internet Archive Book Images [No restrictions], via Wikimedia Commons

Nothing says glamour quite like zebra print. Distant and ancient cultures had an influence on Art Deco style when it was forming. The black-white color combo is also indicative of this style. Combine glamour, the exotic, and this classic, contrasting color scheme with a zebra-print rug in a luxe fabric.


Polished Chrome and Metal

art deco lamp

Image Source: pxhere.com

Polished metals (chrome, bronze, steel) are frequently found in Art Deco-inspired design. Even though ancient cultures influenced this style, modernity and the technology of the Machine Age also played a big part. Play with these materials when selecting the light fixtures and lamps for your living room. Lighting with a futuristic look, geometric pattern, or glass painted in a bright hue can all add to your Art Deco-inspired space. Think dramatic and, of course, luxurious when selecting your light fixtures.

Exotic Woods

Again, distant cultures are among Art Deco’s many influences. Designers found inspiration in exotic woods and the lacquered finishes of East Asian art. Wood inlays and marquetry are characteristic of the style as well, and adding pieces with these features to your living room will give it an instant Art Deco feel.

When you are planning your renovation, remember that things like crown molding and texturing tips from the Art Deco era, and can be used to break hard edges. For more inspiration or a deeper look into the ins and outs of modern art deco style, check out this gallery. As always, this style is the perfect time to mix antique flair with modern pieces. Contrast is always your friend.

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