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How to Hire an Electrician

No matter what you need an electrician for – a new build, a remodeling project or repair work – you want to rest easy knowing that your electrician will get the job done right.

While most homeowners know that electricians are professionals who wire and repair electrical mechanisms, not as many of us know how to find and hire the best one for a home improvement project.

Need an Electrician? Here’s How to Find the Right One


All electricians start out as an apprentice to a licensed electrician. After completing the apprenticeship and before starting any work, they must first become licensed in their respective state.

Electrical work carried out in the home is often extensive and complicated, which is why you should always use a professionally qualified electrician with a fantastic reputation, great recommendations and solid reviews.

The first thing to keep in mind when hiring an electrician to work in your home is to choose one that offers quality work rather than just picking the one who offers the lowest estimate. You should opt for the electrician with the best combination of price and experience, and who you feel most comfortable with. Feel free to ask for the project specifications in writing so you have a detailed account of the job, the costs and the timelines for completion. This will help protect you if anything goes wrong.

Top Tips for Hiring a Great Electrician

With all that in mind, here are the best tips for finding the most qualified professional for your project. Use them to the take the stress out of your project and put the electrical work in good hands.

  • Read all relevant reviews, ignoring the best and worst ones
  • Look to your friends and family as a trusted resource
  • Visit your state’s Home Builders Association website to check out their qualifications
  • Make a list of the best options so far and set up meetings with them
  • Ask about what types of projects they have done
  • Get details on specific projects, such as specialized jobs, challenges faced and best results
  • Inquire about how they would deal with your project and ask for detailed bids

Making the time and effort to go through this process will greatly increase your chances of hiring a great electrician. As a bonus, he or she will see that you take the work seriously – you went the extra mile to find a quality electrician, so you expect quality work.

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