Everything You Need to Know About Home Renovation!

Planning on renovating your home but wondering where to start? It can seem a daunting proposition when there are many aspects that can be improved, so always use a checklist to keep track of your ideas, as starting off without a sound action plan can lead to going over budget and schedule.

The best way to begin your home renovation is by going through your house room by room – not forgetting the exterior – and using your checklist to organize your time and money effectively.

Checklist for home renovation


Making sure your house is in a state of good repair is high on your list of priorities. Ask a professional to inspect your roof and your attic, to see if you have adequate loft insulation. Check exterior paintwork for peeling and consider replacing old single pane windows with double glazing. Employ a professional to spruce up an overgrown garden.


If you decide you need more space in general, structural alterations, such as removing walls to connect different rooms, can be costly. Consider converting and furnishing your basement or attic instead. An extension, such as a conservatory, can add extra space.


Replacing tired old carpets can make a big difference, either with new carpets, laminated wood flooring, or new tiles in rooms such as the kitchen or bathroom.


Have a professional inspect your electrical service panel, electrical outlets, and switches to make sure they are in good working order.


Consider having new copper piping installed, have sewer pipes cleaned and replace outdated plumbing fixtures with more modern ones.

Living room

A simple makeover, such as painting the walls, fireplace renovation, swapping curtains for blinds, new items of furniture, or cushions and throws, a new home cinema system or adding bi-fold doors – budget permitting – can make a big difference.

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Apart from replacing your bathroom suite, smaller renovations, such as re-grouting tiles, creating new toiletry storage space, or buying new taps and lighting, can make a big difference.


If your budget doesn’t stretch to replacing all your kitchen units, re-tiling or painting the walls, adding a space-saving breakfast bar or adding new storage space, such as shelves, can provide a cheaper solution.

You can do all kinds of things to renovate your home – and even if you’re on a tight budget, you can still make a difference. Once you have your checklist in place, it’s time to get cracking!


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