Kukun is a platform that provides homeowners and prospective homeowners with the tools and expert advice necessary for a successful renovation. Site visitors can plan, estimate, and manage their home improvement projects with Kukun’s free tool, and shop for unique products to personalize their homes. Projects of any size and scope can be estimated and managed using our tools and proprietary estimation algorithms

We aim to be 80 percent accurate, and our estimates are usually better than that. We work closely with professionals in the home construction and home improvement industry to develop our proprietary algorithms, which are used to estimate home renovation costs. We take your location, the scope of your project(s), and local labor costs into consideration when creating the algorithm for our estimates.

We are constantly working to update and improve the accuracy of our numbers. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the accuracy of the calculations and estimates you produced using Kukun, please send a message to feedback@mykukun.com

We provide estimates based on very careful and deliberate calculations, using algorithms derived from the collective knowledge of industry experts. While we are constantly working to make our estimates as accurate as possible, we do not guarantee them.

Kukun exists to help homeowners, first and foremost. Use our Estimator tool to determine what funds you will need to create the home you desire, and add that to the cost of the house. After calculating the total cost, consult with a real estate agent to get an idea of how your projects will change the the value of your home, so that you can determine if you are building equity or not.

Our Estimator tool will give you an idea of what it will cost to make your dream space a reality. Once you have an estimate, add notes and pictures, then create a file to share with your preferred contractors. Use your camera and peruse Kukun’s gallery of stunning home photos, then save them in your Kukun Dreambook. You can use the Manage tool to create a high-level plan with your hired professional, and create a to do list with due dates that you can export to your calendar. If you turn your calendar notifications on, we will send you reminders when you need to take action — for example, you can set up reminders for decisions that need to be made by a certain time, items that need to be procured, etc. Projects are often delayed because decisions and purchases are not made at the right time. Our reminders help keep your renovation on schedule.

You can create as many projects as you like, and save them as jobs.

We know finding a good contractor can be difficult. That’s why we created a directory of contractors listed on the California licensing board website. We are working on growing our database of verified professionals, so that we can make it easier for you to find the right person for the job. If you already know a good contractor, encourage that person to sign up with Kukun.

If you had a bad experience with a professional listed with our network, we encourage you to share your feedback and tell your story. Send us a message at feedback@mykukun.com

Kukun does not endorse specific professionals. We provide our visitors a list of contractors as a starting point for their renovation projects. We aim to evolve this feature into a vetted list of highly rated contractors over time. This is why we encourage all of our users to share their feedback (positive or negative) at feedback@mykukun.com.

There are several third-party sites that can be used to look up licensing information. Kukun suggests using your state government’s website  as a starting place.

If you have any trouble using the site, problems signing, etc., please send a message to support@mykukun.com. You can also send us your inquiry or concern via Twitter, to the handle @MyKUKUN

About the Business

We’re working on a suite of premium services that will enable you to get even more value from our platform. We’ll keep you in the know as we add new features, and whether or not they come at a cost.

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