Inspired by the world of botany and gardening, French sculptor Cécile Chareyron works with resin and plaster in harmony with plants to create poetic sculptures. Her work is born out of research on flora, the deformation of pattern, invasion, mutation and hybridization.

Modeling and sculpturing light

Cécile Chareyron is based in Saint-Ouen in Paris. Her interest in the effects of light guided her choice of plaster and resin as her preferred materials, whose softness and translucency serve her purpose perfectly.

At the heart of her studio, a multitude of poetic creations inspired by the vegetal world are born: buds, delicate flowers and glistening branches. It is from her passion for botany that the designer draws inspiration. “The plant is linked to my childhood, to the fact that I grew up in nature.”

Cecile Chareyron's handmade lamp

Image credit: cecilechareyron

It was also during her childhood in the French countryside that Cécile Chareyron discovered the pleasure of manual work and creation, “My grandfather was a tailor. There was this crafty side … “. From those encounters with the crafts, she developed a great consideration and love for work that is well done.

sculptor at work

Image credit: cecilechareyron

clay sculptor at work

Image credit: cecilechareyron

Chareyron studied at the Beaux-Arts de Lyon, then at the prestigious l’École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Appliqués et des Métiers d’Art Olivier de Serre (school of art and design), where she started to work with synthetic materials. She also worked for various workshops, one of the benefits of living at the heart of the Ateliers de Paris, the ultimate hive of young artistic talent.

sculptor's workshop

Image credit: cecilechareyron

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A fascination with nature

A fascination for the organic and the vegetal shines in all Cécile Chareyron’s creations. In her hands, nature becomes dreamed and fantasized … sometimes even invasive. Branches and supports are covered with new and exuberant flora: buttons, nuts, leaves and flowers in unedited shapes and patterns.

flower art deco

Image credit: cecilechareyron

Chareyron’s sculptures and lighting fixtures are literally submerged in nature and instinct.

As a true goldsmith of her materials, the sculptor explores resin’s huge variety of opportunities, from transparency through to opacity. Light, constantly and fully present in her work, creates an aura that magnifies the vitality of nature.

art deco flower lamp

Image credit: cecilechareyron

white wall lamp

Image credit: cecilechareyron

Installed in Saint-Ouen, Chareyron currently divides her time between her personal creations and private commissions, sometimes for prestigious clients such as Chaumet or Mouton Rotschild. “The two are complementary, because it makes me think of other techniques, other issues, other scales, which also allows me to advance in my personal work.”

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