Handcrafted Sinks Add a Personal Touch to Any Bathroom

Octopus Vessel Sink
Image Credit: Shayne Greco

How your bathroom looks speaks volumes about how well it is maintained — and it can say a lot about you as well. One thing that makes the boldest statement in your bathroom is the sink. Finding the right vessel for your bathroom can be a hassle, but with so many unique options available, sink shopping can also be a lot of fun.

Handcrafted sinks are making a massive comeback in bathroom fixtures. From intricately carved pottery sinks to gleaming copper versions, bathroom sinks today come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. Handcrafted sinks are akin to pieces of art, and their impact on a space makes them worth spending some money on. We’ve rounded up some of the best options for handcrafted sinks available on the market today, to make you decision making a little easier.

Handcrafted Clay Sinks

Handcrafted sinks

Image Credit: Clay Cafe Sink

A very popular choice among homeowners is customized clay sinks. They provide a very earthy feel to your bathroom, and are also quite a reasonable option. Clay sinks, like the ones available at Clay Café, are usually crafted out of stoneware clay and custom made to your specifications.

Handcrafted clay sinks take up little space, which is why they are an excellent option if your bathroom is a bit small. Clay sinks are made on a potters’ wheel at high temperatures to give them durability. The installation process usually involves cutting a drain hole into the sink, hand glazing, and then dropping the sink into the vanity. These sinks can be custom made within six to eight weeks, and give your bathroom an earthy feel.

Round Sinks

Handcrafted sinks

Image Credit: Dock 6 Pottery

If you want to add a splash of color to your bathroom, you can opt for round clay sinks, like the ones made at Dock 6 Pottery. These round sinks come in various colors and sizes, and are particularly feasible for those who are looking for a specific color-themed sink for their bathroom. Customers can choose from a number of features, and receive a truly customized product. For example, they can decide if they want the fused glass rim on their sinks or not.

Ceramic Octopus Vessel Sinks

Handcrafted sinks

Image Credit: Shayne Greco

A relatively different — and definitely more creative — sink option is the Octopus Vessel Sink. These sinks add a touch of grandeur and whimsy to your bathroom, and are an excellent choice for those with an artistic flare. Known as Shayne Greco’s signature style, these sinks are made with stoneware clay, and then covered with a lead-free glaze. These sinks are a little more expensive than other options, but they provide an unparalleled level of individuality to any space.

Handcrafted sinks are an excellent way to show off your personal taste and coordinate your bathroom with the rest of your home décor. The many options for customization make it easy to add a unique, functional piece to your home.



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