Bathrooms are one of the most important spaces in a home; for many people, the bathroom is the place where they “wash away” a hard day and relax with a warm bath. In order to be the perfect place for these pleasant rituals, it is necessary that your home bathroom looks comfortable, clean and stylish.

In some of our past articles, we used our imagination to see how a few home bathroom remodels before and after photos would look, and the amazing transforms of these three somewhat-dilapidated bathrooms into stylish sanctuaries. The results were fascinating virtual renovations.

Here we present a compilation of those experiments: three different kinds of home bathroom remodeling to show you how much a bathroom can improve with a bit of work, and how worthy that work is, whether you are just looking for a bathroom makeover or you are planning on selling your home and want the potential increase of your return on investment (ROI)

Home bathroom remodels before and after

1.  In the first before and after pictures of the home bathroom remodeling, you can see that we went for a total makeover. That meant new flooring, a new and more modern sink, shower and toilet, a change of lighting for the ceiling, the addition of a couple of doors for the closet, and the application of precast concrete walls to achieve the ultimate contemporary look.

We used the following information when creating our project plan and estimate for the house in San Francisco.

Bathroom finish level: Best, with no room size increase. The projected cost of this bathroom renovation project was $8,530, and the estimated equity gain for the house in question was $5,970.

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Before Renovation Photo

Bathroom before renovation

Image Credit: Alexis Figueira

After Renovation Photo

Bathroom after renovation

Image Credit: Redfin

2. Our second example had a much bigger bathroom, with a bath and shower. This complete virtual renovation’s main features were an upgrade of all the tiles and the replacement of the built-in bathtub with a free-standing bath that wasn’t as long as the original, which gave us extra space to install a worktop for the sink.

In this case, the estimated cost was of $29,900, with an estimated equity gain of $20,900 for this property in New York

Before Renovation Photo

Bathroom before renovation

image credits: Mariana Bautista, for the render

After Renovation Photo

Bathroom after renovation

image credits: Mariana Bautista, for the render

3. The third example of home bathroom remodeling photos show that it was a smaller project than the others, but with big improvements, including the plumbing (with an upgrade to modern, stylish fixtures), and the replacement of the tiles, toilet, and sink. All this virtual work was done for an estimated cost of $5,410. (To find out the outstanding total equity gain for that house go to

Before Renovation Photo

bathroom before renovation

Image Credits: Maria Gabriela Saldivia, for the render

After Renovation Photo

bathroom after renovation

Image credits: Maria Gabriela Saldivia, for the render

As you can see in these small home bathroom remodels before and after renderings, investing in bathroom renovations can get you more than just a great return, but you have to make sure you are doing it right. Remember that if your plan is to sell your home after the renovations, you should choose neutral colors and finishings that can easily fit with any taste; many homebuyers don’t want to put in a lot of work right away, so a bathroom that looks dated might be a deal-breaker.

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