Whether you’re taking on a small project or a large one, home improvement takes dedication and effort. One house in San Francisco that recently sold for $1.2 million is a prime example of what it means to pour your heart and soul into a property that is well past its prime.

What makes a million-dollar property?

In the November issue of San Francisco Magazine, an oceanfront property at 1644 Great Highway was featured after it sold for $1.2 million. The catch? It looked more like a rundown shack amidst the street’s beautiful homes.

The house had fallen into disrepair after changing hands a few times before landing back on the housing market. It became famous in the real estate world after Curbed SF revealed that it had sold for $411,000 over the asking price, despite its condition. Kukun even  virtually remodeled two of the rooms to show the house’s hidden potential.

before and after kitchen

Image Source: Sitka Projects on flickr.com

The current owners brought in professionals to carry out a painting job and give the house a fresh look. While this is just a small step in the revival process, the $1.2-million sale should indicate how much faith these owners have in the home improvement process.

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Maintaining the charm of an older property

Before the San Francisco property was sold, it went through several hands, meaning it has had its fair share of wear and tear. However, Listing Agent Nana Meyer knew that, with a little renovation, this structure could shine without sacrificing its highlights, including stained glass windows and knobby staircases.

As she fielded bids on the property, she noticed that the highest ones were coming from individuals who didn’t necessarily want to “flip” the house, but who would treat it as a home improvement project. Insert the family that offered $1.2 million, and the property was sold within 24 hours.

To make a more convincing bargain, the now-owners submitted a letter to the real estate agent detailing how they intended to rehabilitate the structure. Money aside, the owners knew there was a lot of life left in the 108-year-old property.

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