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Estimates on the go

Estimate the cost and return on investment of your future home remodeling project in seconds with our real time estimator.

Find what contractors have worked around you.

See permit history of your neighborhood and the contractors who have worked there.

Get remodeling quotes from your phone

Request quotes from top professionals in seconds, manage them and compare them.

From A to Z, we’ve got you covered

Supporting homeowners in their renovation journey, by providing valuable information and tools when they need them the most to help them navigate the murky waters that home remodeling can be.

Find a contractor
Find a Contractor

Find contractors who worked with your neighbors so you can ask about their experience.

Estimate & ROI
Estimate & ROI

Estimate the cost and equity to be built on any remodeling project on the go.

From estimating a project, to finding a professional who has worked in your neighborhood and getting quotes from them. Kukun is here to help you; and now we can help you anywhere, anytime.