Europe has always been on the cutting edge of style and décor, and European home designs have been desired the world over from ancient times to the present day. With a rich history of art and architecture, Europeans have evolved their skills and have to know-how to design with flair, in fashion, in décor, and in lifestyle accessories.

This year, Kukun canvassed the hottest trends in multiple European capitals. Talking to interior designers, architects and manufacturers from Paris to London, via Milan, Copenhagen, and many others. A few chic trends in European home designs really stood out, and we’re excited to share them with you here.

1. Use of concrete in bathrooms

Possibly inspired by Tadao Ando and Peter Zumthor, today’s concrete gets polished and treated so it’s not slippery but still keeps a shiny look. Concrete has incredible popularity because of its design flexibility, shape and industrial avant-garde look. Concrete goes well with almost every material, from wood and ceramic tile to textiles. It is a versatile material with color trends that include variations of gray, white and black.

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Concrete showers

Image Source: Michael Dorausch on flickr

2. Skylights in bathrooms and kitchens

Skylights have been popular for years, but there is increasing demand for them in European home designs, mostly to bring light and a sense of increased space to bathrooms and kitchens.

Skylights allow light to clear out every wall and put a dramatic focus on fixtures, appliances, cabinets and all decorative elements.


Image Source:

3. Clear wooden floors

The rising interest in clear wooden floors has taken Europe by storm. Layers and overlays of clear woods help create the elegant and austere look favored by modernists.

The natural reflectiveness of clear woods allows designers and architects to create well-lit, open spaces.

wooden floors

Image Source:

4. Built-in wardrobes and cabinets (to measure)

Tailored solutions for kitchens, dressing rooms, offices and any other room of the house are in high demand across European home designs. The goal is furniture that fits perfectly, becoming an organic element of the wall.


By Brilliantwardrobessydney [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], from Wikimedia Commons

5. Room dividers in glass and iron

One of our favorite chic European home designs is partitions. Room dividers that allow light to pass through are a hot commodity and, with seemingly endless artistic possibilities for intricate structures and shapes, they can add refinement or an industrial feel to any space.

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