With the clock ticking down to Christmas, it’s the perfect time to get creative and prepare your home for the festive season. Want to really make an impact with your décor this year? You won’t be short of inspiration with these eight different takes on Christmas, each one influenced by a different design style. Take a look and find the right holiday decor for your own abode.


More into understated elegance than traditional Christmas glitter? Go for a minimalist take on the festivities and stick to monochromes in simple geometric shapes. Create your own non-traditional, minimalist tree using shaped wire on a thread or by using string lights.


If Christmas conjures up snow-covered log cabins and warm hearths for you, then how about a Scandinavian-themed Christmas scheme? The trick is to use a palette of red and white in natural materials such as wood, paper, and fabric. Don’t have a real mantel? Use groups of white candles to add that touch of warmth and fire.  

Christmas decor

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Get back to nature with a green Christmas. Gather seasonal evergreen plants such as ivy, holly, and, of course, mistletoe to create a rustic twisted wreath above a mantel or at your front door. Also, add sprigs of greenery to your Christmas table and in doorways to integrate the look throughout the house.

Christmas table

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Tired of all that red and green? With a bohemian Christmas theme, it’s all about the eclectic – so anything goes. Have fun with mismatched baubles, combining old pieces with new, and even adding some homemade touches. This colorful piece hung above a table looks beautiful 

And this collection of homemade stockings will add multiple colors to your festivities:


Let your imagination run wild and create your own alternative Christmas holiday decor. This fabulous blue and white scheme is whimsical with a perfectly placed snowman.


Create a delicate romantic theme this Christmas by going pastel. This pink décor scheme uses a simple combination of pale pink, silver, and white that looks perfect in a vintage-style interior, using aged frames, candelabras, and lace fabrics.

Christmas tree

Image Source: pexels.com

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Get your home ready for some sophisticated festive partying with a very glamorous take on Christmas. This scheme adds a touch of sparkle to your Christmas, with a palette of black and gold full of reflective materials such as glitter, metallics, and strings of transparent beads


A rustic Christmas is all about texture and neutrals – think reclaimed or whitewashed timber, canvas, and branches for your decorations to create collections just like the ones below




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