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The dashboard makes easy work of growing your home value and checking in on the neighborhood

Maintenance tasks

Keep your house in top shape with recommendations for your home maintenance and improvements created specifically for your home.

Clean the gutters


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Your neighborhood's upcoming projects Upcoming Projects

Find out what major construction projects are coming in your neighborhood the next few months.

  • Project

    New Hospital at 305 River St.

  • Project

    Multi-Store at 150 Maple Ave

  • Project

    New Residence at St.Oaks School

  • Project

    New Parking Lot at Windsor St.


Your home value

Manage and control the value of your home.

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Recent home sales

Discover recently sold homes in your neighborhood.


5892, Oak Ridge Ct



5892, Oak Ridge Ct


Home Maintenance Made Easy

Easily manage the biggest investment of your life

Easily manage the
biggest investment of your life

Kukun recommendations plus your task list all together.

  • The maintenance scheduler recommends typical tasks based on your home and location.

  • Easily schedule and communicate with the people who help you with projects.

  • Digital prompts serve as gentle reminders to make it effortless.

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Inspect and replace HVAC filters

Get chimney


Lubricate door hinges and locks


Check caulking at doors and windows


Inspect and replace HVAC filters


Address pin537 Maple Street, Bradford 19808.


My Neighborhood tells all

Know who’s building before they start

  • Get updates on the remodels coming to your neighborhood soon.

  • Know what people are spending on renovations.

  • See when new commercial buildings are going up in your town in advance

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Kitchen remodel

3005 Thompson St.

commercial commercial commercial commercial commercial commercial commercial commercial residential residential residential residential residential

Learn how a remodel can generate a profit

The Cost Estimator includes an ROI to help you live better, and make money doing it

  • We’ll show you which remodels will payout best – specifically for your house, and your neighborhood.

  • Don’t want to take on a big project? No problem, we’ll show you easy projects that can make you a profit.

  • We’ll show you how to get that dream kitchen or perfect bathroom, with the least investment.

Investing in Renovation


1. Bathroom
$ 14,140
2. Home Office
$ 12,750
3. Bedroom
$ 6,400
4. Living room
$ 8,950

Cost to renovate:

$ 42,240

Increase in home value

$ 48,365


$ 6,125


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