Expert Tips on Home Textiles to Make Your Space Stand Out

Image Credits: gulshantaufiquetextile
Image Credits: gulshantaufiquetextile

Creating a cohesive, standout space is largely a matter of choosing the right home textiles, and knowing how to combine them. Incorporating color, pattern, and movement into an interior space in a cohesive manner can be tricky, but with these five expert tips, you can create a visually interesting (and stunning) textile scheme.

Play with patterns, keep colors similar

Don’t be afraid to mix up different patterns, but generally stick to the same color or similar tones to avoid overkill. Stripes, dots, and other patterns can all jive if similar colors are used.

same color or similar tones home textiles


Textiles interior design

Image credit: CasaHaus

same color or similar tones home textiles


Pick suitable fabrics

Focus on the feel and association of a fabric in order to choose something suitable for the particular room or style of house that you are decorating. For example, silk is considered a luxurious, indulgent fabric – great for a bedroom. On the other hand, muslin and plain cotton have a far more rustic, simple feel, as well as vinyl table covers, which are just right for table dressing in a country kitchen.

Pick suitable fabrics

Image credit: Stitching in the Sun

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Textiles ideas


Let your home textiles take center stage

If you love bright colors and crazy patterns, you can use them as the main visual feature of your room. This works well in a very plainly decorated space, especially when the textiles are isolated in just one area.

Textiles decor ideas



bright pillows

Image credit: For Me, For You

Use a textile as an inspirational piece

Sometimes you’ll find an incredibly beautiful fabric, but may not be sure how to work it into your interior design scheme. Think of textile designs as a pre-worked color scheme, ready for you to use to design your interior (you already know that the colors look good together.)  Take this antique William Morris piece – the colors can be sourced directly from the fabric and used as the basis of your interior.

fabric sample ideas

Colors sourced from this antique William Morris piece can be used to create an interior that uses these same hues. Image credit: Chip It!


Scale it up or down

If you have a very large or a very small space to furnish, you can use textile patterns to help balance proportions. Generally, big-scale patterns will have a “shrinking” visual effect, and very small, detailed patterns or plainer blocks of home textiles will have an enlarging effect on the space.



By keeping a few things in mind when creating your textile scheme, you can easily create a cohesive, interesting space.

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