The ideal kitchen lighting is integrated by general and accent lighting. General lighting is essential to illuminate the whole area, whereas the accent lighting will light up specific work areas as required. Of course, general lighting is a must in order to see shelves and drawers and what-nots. But, you will have to define your work spaces to determine where you will need accent lighting. Each area (food preparation, cooking, dining, etc.) will have its sectored lighting.

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General lighting has to be clear and should avoid shadows. The best choice for general kitchen lighting is the center light. If you are placing tubes or decentered lights, be careful not to make it too close to the walls, as they could cause annoying shadows. 

The punctual light will generally come from above, in the form of hanging lamps or recessed lighting in the cupboard. Hanging lamps will be of clear light and at a height that allows good illumination without shadows or glare. Under the cupboard is the best place to put lights that do not disturb the view and illuminate the work clearly.

The use of lamps on rails above the work area allows flexible and integrated lighting. This type of lighting can be installed on ceiling and walls.

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You can use all kinds of lights in the kitchen (high-end design, classical, etc.). However, note that because it is an environment that can gather a lot of grease, you should use simple lamps, easy to clean, preferably in glass or aluminum.

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It is also wise to consider that the kitchen is a room where the light stays on for long periods of time, so fluorescent tubes or energy saving lamps are your best choice. 


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