Getting the sleeping space you want should be simple: you have the photos and you have the home. While being able to tell your hired home renovation professional, “I want what’s in these pictures” can be a useful tool, it’s also a good idea to have some knowledge of what creating your dream space entails before any walls come down, or you have to start shopping for the perfect materials. Here, KUKUN’s architecture and interior design advisors weigh in on how to “make it yours.”

From Kukun’s architecture advisor:

This room is very long, so it allows you to not only use the room for sleeping, but also to create an intimate reading corner with a comfortable chair. By taking the shape of your room into account, you can similarly divide the room into sections or “departments,” each with its own purpose (sleeping, reading, changing your clothes).

The location of the windows plays a big role in this space. Typically, if you have a long, narrow space, and natural light comes from one of the short sides, the light never gets to the end of the room, creating a very bright area and a very dim area. This isn’t great for living rooms, but can be a nice feature in a bedroom because you can place your wardrobe and reading area at the illuminated end of the room, and arrange the sleeping area at the darker side.

If you place the entrance on the narrow wall (in this case, the green wall at the back) you should avoid putting a window on the opposite wall if possible. In general, it’s not a good idea to enter any room facing a source of light.

To make the room look wider, arrange the floorboards parallel to the shorter wall, as seen in this room. The placement of the wood planks on the walls creates the opposite effect, and makes the room appear even longer and more slender. Their placement also allows light from the window and lamps to properly fill the room, creating a bright, cozy feel.

From Kukun’s interior design advisor:

This soft-toned, Scandinavian style bedroom is designed with pastel and neutral colors, along with a mix of hard, natural wood and soft textiles. These contrasting elements give the room a unique, textured look. The bright blue and red chair and the circular mirrors are standouts, and anchor the room.

Achieving the wood-walled look of this room can be done in a few ways. One simple method involves using Stikwood, or you could install wood planks with Osmo wax white finish, as appears to have been done in this case.

You can replicate the aqua green wall color with Benjamin Moore paint in Beach Glass, and small circular mirrors can be found at a number of retailers, including Target.

The unique blue chair can be substituted with another unusual furniture piece. It can be a very colorful, modern chair or an antique version upholstered in a bright fabric.

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