Designed and manufactured in Germany, Biegert & Funk presents QlockTwo, an analog modern clock design concept that makes bold statements about the passage of time. These bold-colored wall clocks will surely be loved by David Bromstad from the TV show “Color Splash!” Check out his TV show!  

These clocks tell time the way we tend to convey it to one another in conversation. Written words in five-minute increments, spelling out “half past one” or “quarter to six”. The German designers Marco Biegert and Andreas Funk decided to design the clock like if it was an art piece, with a touch of humor.


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This modern clock design can be decorating your walls (wall-mounted), it can be standing on your desk and so on. After creating a number of wall and desk clocks with this design, the firm made a lot of people’s wishes come true and revealed the  QLOCKTWO W, a wearable version of the design that fits on the wrist.


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The principle of displaying the time in words is as intriguing as it is brilliant. A matrix of 110 characters arranged in a square form the basis of every QLOCKTWO. Behind these letters, 110 pure white lights can be switched on to illuminate individual letters, which form words that describe the time in five-minute intervals. Four dots lighting up in the corners represent the minutes between each interval.


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About Biegert & Funk

The successful company Biegert & Funk was launched in 2010 by the German designers Marco Biegert and Andreas Funk. Since that date, they received more than twenty international design awards, such as the Good Design Award, the Red Dot Award, and the IF Design Award.


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