Renowned marble-company Van Den Weghe, known for their high-quality interiors in numerous types of marble, created lap®is, a collection of integrated electrical gear for the kitchen top. 

Marble electric plug

Image Credit: Van Den Weghe

Imagine your kitchen finished with the fine marble slate that you handpicked. Until now, you had to shove plugs in hidden places because they did not match the finish of the marble. The team at Van Den Weghe was familiar with this issue and started to perform research on the possibilities still hidden inside the marble.

White marble electric plug

Image Credit: Van Den Weghe

After numerous tests and trials, they managed to integrate electrical gear within the marble. The first creation was a plug-socket, followed by a whole collection with multi-push contact features, wave contact, and eventually invisible touch. These state-of-the-art plug-sockets and switches found their way internationally into both classic and contemporary (modern) interiors.

Faucet and marble

Image Credit: Van Den Weghe

Since the release of the lap®is Collection, numerous awards were handed to Van Den Weghe, such as the prestigious Architizer A+ Jury Award. Nonetheless, several designers intended to copy this successful patented product, without the knowledge and testing Van Den Weghe has acquired over years of research. This has lead to dangerous situations in the kitchen.

Marble plug

Image Credit: Van Den Weghe

About Van Den Weghe:
Van Den Weghe is a family-based company, situated in the small village Zulte, Belgium. Known for their high-quality finishing and large choice in marble slabs, they evolved into a innovative contemporary company. Van Den Weghe released different sub-brands, such as Van Den Weghe / lap®is, Van Den Weghe / Surfaces and Van Den Weghe / Items.
Van Den Weghe / Surfaces is a newborn revolutionary innovation in several coatings, where marble is made 100% resistant without losing it’s texture and finishing.

Van Den Weghe / Items is an exclusive household label with products of architects and designers such as Glenn Sestig, Michael Verheijden, Muller Van Severen, Francesco Bolzano and Frederik Delbart. 


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