How to Modernize Your Bathroom

modern bathroom
Credit: Oriana Gomez-Zerpa

Are you searching for ideas to update your bathroom? Discover how you can combine comfort and style with sleek bath fixtures, and balance a room outfitted mainly in white.

The bathroom below is a typical European eclectic bathroom for a modern home, with wood, ceramics, stones and glass blending together into an elegant atmosphere.

The walls in white underscore the fixtures in white, i.e. the sink, toilet, and shower, in order to create harmony and avoid a shocking contrast of colors. This is further reinforced with the white mirror cabinet, shelves, and towels.

This is an excellent example of that European penchant for maximizing both the light and the perception of space.

modern bathroom

Image Credit: Oriana Gomez-Zerpa

However too much white can appear cold and have an overly bright appearance, so earth tones have been introduced. A rich brown is used for the floor, and is reinforced with a variety of brown hues in the spaccato wall; this counters the white by warming the room.

The limited natural light is used amplified to warm the room by reflecting it off of the uneven surfaces of the spaccato bricks. The random surfaces scatter the light throughout the room. The floor tiles also use the natural light to give the illusion of an elongated space: the lines of the tiles run in the same direction as the light pouring in from the window.

Another white wall is further broken up with chrome fixtures. The repeating stripes of the radiator break the monotony of the white, and further reflect the light throughout the room. This chrome presence is reiterated in the sink and shower fixtures.

The shower floor is at the same level as the rest of the bathroom, with no lip or barrier to separate it. The only differentiation is the color change to white. This maintains a continuity in the floor and maximizes the space within the shower stall.

modern bathroom

Image Credit: Oriana Gomez-Zerpa

Additional Touches

The final touches of greenery, such as the orchid, and a small sculpture of a Buddhist goddess, bring life to room, alleviating the still white and further emphasizing the warm brown tones. It is just another way to personalize and enjoy this small and sleek space.

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