Today we have a diverse range of floors to select from. The most popular floorings include wood and stone. Laminate floors are an economic alternative that guarantees colorful designs. A high quality laminated ground can also withstand heavy and prolonged traffic.

Different Types of Laminate Flooring Available in The Market:

Clean and healthy surfaces encourage the smooth movement of the feet. The residents and the workers can live and perform in a safer environment. Fine and fantastic laminate floors are easy to install and maintain.

  1. Ceramic Tiles 

    Cheap and expensive ceramic is a good flooring option for indoor and outdoor spaces. The thin and tender tiles also adorn kitchen and bathroom walls. The waterproof tiles with unglazed finish suit the outdoor environment.

  2. Hardwood 

    Wooden decks made of maple, oak, birch, pecan, and walnut are durable. They resist wear with great efficiency, but visible darkening requires refinishing work.

  3. Marble 

    The tiled surfaces made of marble are shiny, strong, smooth and stylish. Their texture, colors, and variations delight sculptors, architects, and masons.

  4. Cork and Bamboo 

    These surfacing materials have appreciable features like cleanliness and convenience. These colorful and expensive decks require accurate construction. 

What Are the Benefits of Laminated Floors?

Various types of surfaces have their unique pros and cons due to material differences. Their high-quality finishing and texture also vary due to wear and tear. All decks require periodic maintenance, care, and skillful inspections. Home improvement coaches suggest the following benefits of laminate floors –

  • The best economic alternative to hardwood does not cut corners in qualitative features. The style, appearance, and finish have its own beauty and special qualities. You can easily decorate your house with these laminate floors and you do not need to spend too much amount for its maintenance.
  • The deck does not fade easily, and children or pets are safe when they run around. The surface is toughened through resin coating for durability.
  • The installation experts arrange them at a rapid pace using interlocking boards. They are also suitable for Do It Yourself projects and covering existing floors. But it is suggested to install these floors by some trained professionals because they are expert in this niche and they can easily decorate your floors professionally.
  • The material is easy to maintain, but accidental spills require immediate attention.
  • Lamination is the smartest option for styling, versatility, and subflooring.

Installation Criteria

Laminate floor

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  • Type of Subfloor 

    Lamination can be fitted on top of any type of subfloor material. Existing floors have concrete, plywood, hardwood, or plyboard. Some homes have radiant heat systems underneath the ground level. Check the laminating possibility for these homes before commencing work.

  • Moisture 

    The flooring is suitable for both ground level houses and second-storey buildings. Moisture considerations and rules creep up to below grade homes and basements.

  • Pressure 

    Laminated planks are manufactured using high or direct pressure techniques. The top layer is a fused and decorative foil or paper with images of wood, stone, or tile.

  • Ratings 

    The industrial standard considers both traffic intensity and application area. Commercial and residential ratings are marked differently for easy identification.

Installing Laminate Flooring:

There are three primary installation methods for top grade floating laminate floors –     

  1. Glueless locking method depends on different types of surfaces and lock mechanisms.
  2. Pre-glued floors with adhesive tongue and groove that require the application of wetness.
  3. The messy and complex method with manual application of adhesive to the planks.

In this regard, you can contact the laminate floor designer and they can easily install these floors in your house within a small timeframe.

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