One Room, Five Design Ideas: A Modern Apartment’s Great Room  

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A space doesn’t need to be grand to be inspiring. A simple, modern apartment can be big on design ideas, even if it’s short on size. This St. Petersburg apartment has plenty of good things going on, which you can replicate in your own home.


1. Pallet coffee table

This coffee table gives the space an industrial feel. It’s also very functional, with wheels and plenty of space for anything you want to store or rest on top. Reclaimed pallets also provide added appeal for eco-conscious design enthusiasts. Ambitious DIY-ers can make their own version, and those who would rather buy one ready made have plenty of options.


2. Hobbies on display

Beautiful rooms are lovely to look at, but there’s definitely a difference between something stunning and something stunning that feels like home. One way to personalize your space is to incorporate hobbies and things you like. Think about your passions, and how you like to spend your time. For this apartment owner, surfing was great-room-wall worthy. For a golf enthusiast, a few vintage clubs might do the trick. Putting a little “you” in your space is a surefire way to make it feel like home.


3. Skin rug

This hide rug is a far cry from the stereotypical polar bear variety laid out in front of a fireplace. Whether it’s antelope, cowhide, or something else entirely, there are plenty of rugs available in either the real deal or fabulous faux.


4. Mismatched frame cluster

Who says you can only have one large piece of art on display in your living area? This apartment features a number of mismatched frames, clustered together to function as a single design element. There are a number of ways to hang mismatched frames; go crazy with bright frames or an entire wall done salon-style, or pick frames in muted, complementary shades and cluster a few together.


5. Bright artwork

This apartment utilizes a subdued color scheme, with a black-and-white kitchen area, wood floors, and grey-and-white living space. While rooms completely done in muted tones can be chic and sophisticated, punching up an area with a bright piece of artwork will give a little life to it. For this home, it’s an arresting depiction of flowers in multiple hues. If you find that you’re craving something bright, hang something eye-catching on your walls.


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