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How to hire a professional painting contractor?

Most people have a good idea about where to start when seeking painters – check out their licenses, insurance, references and online reviews. Apart from that, you should also find out if they belong to any trade associations. If they do, it’s usually an indicator that they are committed to perfecting their craft. Ask for references in the neighborhood, about their hiring practices and if they subcontract out any work. You should also check references carefully by calling the past customers and visiting previous projects, as well as verifying lack of legal entanglements with disgruntled past customers.

Do you need help finding a professional painter near you? Just enter your zip code above to see which painters have worked with which neighbors. You can explore their profiles, online reviews and all previous permits

Why to hire a professional painter?


Quality of Work

He or she is also responsible for delivering high quality work, which is easier said than done! That’s why it’s important to take the time to find the right contractor for you, someone who communicates clearly and professionally, has the knowledge and skills to do the job, and respects your needs and wants..

The Right Tools

It cannot be emphasized enough: picking the right general contractor is the most important choice you will make for your home renovation project. Start by using the great resources available online and asking for referrals from people you trust or whose homes you admire. Once you have some good candidates in mind, it’s time to meet each one and narrow down your choices.

Insurance Matters

What if your ladder falls and gouges your walls? What if you knock down a light fixture while trying to reach a hard spot on the ceiling? These are issues you won’t have to worry about when you hire a professional painting contractor who carries insurance as it covers any damage that occurs during the painting of your house.

Any paint job takes time

You might have a couple of weekends or evenings after work to dedicate to your project. But your time is important. Trusting the right painting contractor to handle your paint job will allow you to keep your free time.

There is a staggering variety of paint on the market

Unless you work in the industry, there is a slim chance that you’re aware of all of the current base coats, finishes, and styles of paint on the market. A professional painter can help you achieve the desired result.

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