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Become a lending partner

become a lending partner

Leverage our tools, data and user community to access more customers with targeted lending solutions. You can do that on your site and/or on ours by setting up presence on our platform.

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Become a data partner

Data partner

Our unique customer intent data coupled with other data such as credit allows you to target more intelligently and improve your conversion materics.

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Become a data partner
Service integrator partner

Become a service integrator partner

become a service integrator partner

Leverage our data and tools to build analytics and solutions to your customers in the financial sector.

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We are a diverse and experienced team, committed to improving home remodeling for all.

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We know we haven't thought of everything. Get in touch and let us know how we can create something great together.

Become a real estate partner

Real estate partner

Leverage our tools and our data.

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Becoma a realestate partner
Marketing data partner

Become a marketing data partner

Become a marketing data partner

Leverage our fresh permits, histore permits and other aggregated data for retail, lending and other related industries.

Become a home retailer partner

Home retail partner

Get closer to our users and leverage our data and tools. Understand and address customers needs ahead of time.

Become a Home retail partner
"SoFi is excited to work with Kukun to bring the power of their data and calculators to SoFi members and help them both accurately predict the costs of their home remodeling aspirations and forecast the expected return on those investments. We believe in helping our Members educate themselves about major financial decisions, and Kukun helps us deliver a differentiated educational experience to our members.

Become a content partner

Content partner

Expose your content and inspire thousands looking for relevant information at the right time to inform their remodeling choices. Kukun can partner with you to create content and educate customers to gain visibility. Advertising Opportunities are also available.

become a content partner

Kukun is the one stop shop for home remodeling needs. We thread together the four industries that make remodeling possible for the customer. Real Estate, Loan, Construction and Retail come together on Kukun to serve homeowners, buyers and sellers.

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