Pulse Report Provides Insight into Renovation Preferences

Home renovation data

Kukun users have created more than $265 million worth of home renovation projects using our cost estimate and ROI tools to-date. With the creation of all of those project plans comes the creation of data. A lot of data. That’s why we debuted our Home Renovation Pulse Report at the end of June, which provides insights into what finish levels homeowners want for their projects, which cities are estimating the most projects, which projects are the most popular, etc. We analyzed all of this data and packaged it up for industry journalists, contractors and other renovation pros, real estate agents, loan officers, and anyone else who’s curious about trends in the home renovation industry.

Home renovation report

After we debuted our report, we compared our findings with national indexes and reports. We also kept watching what our users were up to, and created the second installment of the Home Renovation Pulse Report. You can download the full report for free, and here are some tidbits to whet your data appetite:

  • Although window replacement is frequently lauded as one of the home improvement projects with the greatest return on investment, it’s not very popular with Kukun users. Window replacement ranked as one of the least-often-estimated projects.
  • Kukun’s tools give homeowners three options to select from when creating project plans: Good, Better, and Best. The Better finish level was the most popular when we put together the first Home Renovation Pulse Report, and that hasn’t changed. This suggests that homeowners are looking for a balance between cost and quality, instead of opting for the least-expensive renovation possible or splurging on high-end finishes.

For more insights from our Home Renovation Pulse Report (and pretty infographics), follow us on Twitter: @mykukun.



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