The much-awaited sixth season of Game of Thrones is finally here! If you’re a hardcore fan of the TV series, you must be collecting a lot of items that’ll keep reminding you that “Winter is coming.” But, what do you think of a Game of Thrones-themed home? It may seem like an impossible dream for a hardcore fan like you but it is possible with the right contractors and a sack full of creativity!

Aside from a sack full of creativity, you would also need enough financial resources, time, effort, legal permits (if needed), and materials needed for your remodeling project. If you have no problem with these, a Game of Thrones-themed home might just be for you!

Ideas for a Game of Thrones-Themed Home

Very much like the TV series itself, a Game of Thrones-themed home has a pretty mysterious and dark mood. Most houses that you’d see on Game of Thrones have stone walls and marble floors, especially in castles. Overall, the look is very medieval with a touch of dark emotion.

We’ve collected some ideas that’ll help give you some inspiration if ever you decide to turn your home into one that belongs to the amazing world of Game of Thrones. If you like any of them, start remodeling your home and show everyone how much you love Game of Thrones.

We’re proud to present some home remodeling ideas for Game of Thrones fans just like you!

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Living Room

A living room that resembles the betrayal-filled castle at King’s Landing would bring a great experience to any fan of the TV series. Make sure to keep the walls, furniture, and flooring in a very dark palette of colors for a dark mood.

Master Bedroom 

You deserve a master bedroom that’s fit for the king of King’s Landing. Make sure to have a king size bed that’s surrounded by expensive-looking silk that takes advantage of a color palette fit for the royal family. Also, your furniture should look very medieval — the best quality available during those times. A perfect fit for a Game of Thrones theme!

Family Room

Nothing beats warming by the fireplace in a family room that looks like the homes you see beyond the wall. All your furniture and the walls are preferred to be made of wood and stone to depict what you see on the TV series. Lastly, the skull wall decor gives a “wildling” touch that would make any hardcore fan fall in love with this area that boasts a Game of Thrones theme.

Wine Cellar

We keep imagining Cersei Lannister drinking her daily glass of wine in this amazing wine cellar. Everything looks pretty medieval which would perfectly fit a Game of Thrones theme. The stone flooring, stone walls, and wooden furniture add a definite style that’s used in the TV series. Definitely a great addition to your home!


Bathrooms during the medieval times were mostly made of wood and stone — just like any part of the house. Avoid bright looking bathroom styles if you want to convey the TV series’ dark mood. Tiles were not pretty popular back then but choosing wood or stone walls and flooring brings the elegance that your bathroom needs — making it fit perfectly into a Game of Thrones theme.

Also, you might want to check out some cool stuff that you can add to your bathroom — imagine turning your toilet bowl into the iron throne! Isn’t that cool?

Dining Area

Dining room ideas

Image Source: By Daderot [Public domain or CC0], from Wikimedia Commons

The dining area of your Game of Thrones-inspired home would look great if it was similar to the dining area/meeting room in the castle at King’s Landing. Beautifully designed furniture that looks expensive is a must. A long table is also ideal for this area, which we mostly see in the TV series. Lastly, a wall decor of a stag’s head perfectly says House Baratheon!

Start Remodeling Your Home Today!

We hope that these ideas will help you change your current home’s theme into a Game of Thrones theme. Just remember to get creative and use your imagination (also get more references by watching the TV series again). Remodeling your home is not that hard as it sounds — though it may take some time, the results are worth it!

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What’re you waiting for? Get that Game of Thrones theme for your beloved home today!

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