Restoring a 19th century french provence barn

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Creativity, a sense of designing, and a flare for reusing old elements can produce some of the best structures. And nothing demonstrates how true this is better than Mr. and Mrs. Danish’s French Provence villa. Built near 1850, it’s amazing to see this once dilapidated barn now stand as a beautiful reminder of the french culture and past. The artistic ability with which the elements of old and new have been fused together gives homeowners an entirely fresh perspective into home designing.

Restoring a houseThe entire structure has been refurbished and renovated without changing its layout. The stone façade has been left unchanged, but the exterior was deep cleaned to bring back the buoyancy of the barn. The new structure boasts redone floors and roofs, efficient water and electrical systems, and a new pool and a garage. The transformed look says a lot about the effort, time and care its residents have put into it and gives homeowners a lot to learn from.

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The interior of the house provides an excellent marriage between modern and traditional. Because more and more people today seek this fusion, it acts as a useful source of ideas. From the kitchen to the living area, the combination of contemporary and classis is pronounced. For instance, the living area, which has been mostly left in its original stone and granite form, is creatively fused with a refurbished 17 century blue armchair and several art pieces on the mantle. It gives an excellent idea for those of us who are looking to mix and match old with new.

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One particular factor that has been taken into account while redoing the house is sustainability. The entire heating system has been replaced by a water system; cold and warm water runs around the house, changing the temperature as per the requirements.  This idea can be incorporated in our houses too as it is highly sustainable and environmental friendly.  Solar panels and additional insulation have also been used to further enhance the sustainability of the villa.

The residents have also been smart in semi automating the house. Cameras, lights and locks are all connected via a network that is easily accessible from anywhere. This is a very smart idea that we can also adopt to maximize house security.

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The interior of the house is reflective of the love of art of its inhabitants. Paintings, furniture and ornaments have been carefully selected from around the world, which blend in perfectly well with the house. Again, the concept of reusability and sustainability is inherent in the way the décor is done. The kitchen, for example, combines a modern counter with an old fireplace, emphasizing fusion and adaptability. It helps homeowners in realizing just how easy it is to reuse the things around us and create something absolutely enchanting.

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This renovated 19th Century barn is a nice example for all those homeowners who are looking for ways to add life to old structures and interiors. It goes to show that with a little bit of creativity and technique, we can transform an average looking house into something stunningly beautiful.

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