On a budget? Small Bathroom Renovations

Small Bathroom Renovations
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So you have suddenly decided that your small bathroom needs some sprucing up. If you’re low on financial resources at this time, you don’t have to worry — there are several small bathroom renovations that are light on the pocket. But before looking for a contractor, check out the five things you need to know prior to a bathroom renovation.

Additionally, if you love watching TV, the show “The High Low Project” showcases several low-cost bathroom and other kinds of renovations for your home — Sabrina Soto never fails to educate her viewers. It’s time to turn your bathroom into a more stylish one today!

How Much Would a Small Bathroom Renovation Cost?

According to Remodelling Magazine’s 2016 Cost vs Value report, the cost of a midrange bathroom renovation would be around $17,908 while an upscale remodelling would cost you a whopping $57,411. Any kind of renovation always adds value to your home for a bathroom. The estimated ROI of a small bathroom renovation is around 50%-60% of your investment.

Take note that these renovation costs assume that you’ll be replacing some major fixtures: your tub, sink, perhaps re-tiling the entire flooring, extending your bathroom, or even changing its layout.

We also suggest that you use our estimator tool to have a more accurate estimation of your small bathroom renovation. Our tool analyzes your needs and the different costs related to your renovation — specifically in your area!

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Budget-Friendly Small Bathroom Renovations

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With a little creativity, you can even turn your bathroom into one of your best renovation projects this year. Here are a few budget-friendly renovations for your small bathroom:

1. Paint Your Bathroom Walls

Paint is usually the most cost-effective way to create a noticeable change in your small bathroom. A layer of fresh paint and a new color palette can do wonders in making space look bigger too. Some bathrooms may have been really dark to start with, you can go for neutrals or lighter shades if you want to lighten up space and make a small area look bigger.

Or you may choose to paint your bathroom in monochromatic earth tones or even contrasting colors. If you have existing tile floors you may match the upper portion of your walls with the design/style of your tiles. You may also use tiles as borders to break the monotony and add some focal point or accent to your wall.

There are plenty of mould resistant paint colors that are specifically made for bathrooms. You may embark on a DIY project that would require just a few tools available at your nearby Home Depot or hire a professional to do the job.

2. Refurbish or Replace Fixtures

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Refurbishing or replacing your bathroom’s original fixtures will usually create a more modern vibe. Old faucets, shower heads, and lightings now come in a variety of interesting and modern designs, which you can all match to create a specific look. Some fixtures available today are even designed to be eco-friendly (promoting conservation of water and electricity) and this translates to cash savings.

If your budget permits, you can replace your existing sink with a pedestal type sink to save space. There are smaller toilet seats and tubs available too!

3. Increase Lighting

It’s a budget-friendly (and a good) idea to increase natural or artificial lighting to make your small bathroom look bigger. Truth be told, dark bathrooms create a gloomy or even creepy atmosphere. If you have a window that is small, check if making it bigger will be within your means — aside from letting in more natural light, you also get better ventilation.

Old light fixtures can be replaced with modern stylish ones available today. Consider placing a small chandelier at the center of the bathroom instead of the regular lighting fixtures to add more character to your bathroom. Use light bulbs that are energy efficient but still provide the same or better lighting that you require.

4. Replace Worn-Out Tiles

Worn-out tiles look messy and dirty. It’s true that tiles wear down over time and may need to be replaced but make sure to look for the right contractor for the job.

You can install tiles around bath areas, from the floor up to half the walls and paint the rest of the wall up to the ceiling. Another option would be, as stated earlier, to use tiles as decorative borders to accent or provide an interesting break on a two-toned wall.

If you have existing tiles that are still worth saving, DIY kits for cleaning surface dirt and old grout are available to make them look like new. But if you really need to replace them, you can find great deals online or visit nearby dealers to actually see what the latest trends are or what’s selling for a discount.

Start Your Small Bathroom Renovation Today

Remember, remodelling or renovating your bathroom does not need to cost a fortune. All it takes is some creativity, research, resourcefulness, and some time to devote to the renovation project. Make sure to keep all costs within your budget for a smooth renovation project and a beautiful outcome.

Enjoy renovating your small bathroom!

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