Convenience! That’s the mantra of the modern era. One useful gadget after another, and we’re making our homes more convenient than ever with smart home technology. The good news is that modern gadgets are stylish, too. They are nothing like those old-school color TV sets that were making homes pretty back in the 1950s. No; they are sleek and they effortlessly blend into our homes.

Have you made your home smart yet? If not, it’s time to consider investing in smart home gadgets. We listed 10 options here that deserve your attention.

1.  Crock-Pot Slow Cooker with WeMo Technology

Crock-Pot Slow Cooker with WeMo Technology

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Why would you need a new slow cooker that costs $150? The answer is simple: this is a smart crock pot. It’s WiFi-enabled, so you can control it when you’re away from home. Let’s say you’re setting up some beef on low before you leave to work, and you set it to warm up the food just before you head home.

The gadget will send notifications on your phone, so you’ll know when your meal is done. Pretty awesome, isn’t it?

2.  Roost Smart 9V Battery

smoke detector

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Do you want a smart smoke detector, which can be connected to your phone and can notify you of smoke detections when you’re away? You don’t have to install new smoke detectors, really! You can just change the batteries with the Roost Smart 9V Battery. That will turn any CO2 or smoke detector into a smart device.

The new, second generation of these batteries will soon be available for purchase, and it will cost around $35.

3. Lutron Serena Remote Controlled Shades

Lutron Serena Remote Controlled Shades

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Do you need new shades for the windows? How about some smart shades? Sure, they cost almost $350, but it’s a worthy investment for a classy home. You can schedule these shades to open and close at the precise time, and you can control them when you’re away. You can even rely on Siri when you want your shades down or up without the need to get up from the couch.

They are easy to install and easier to use.

4.  Smart Led Bulb

TP-Link Smart Light Bulb

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Led bulbs are cute, and they give you the exact type of light you need at night. They are even better when they are smart. The TP-Link Smart Light Bulb comes with a WiFi connection. You can use an app to dim the brightness according to your preference and set timers.

If you use Amazon Alexa, then it’s even more useful with its voice control feature.

5.  Newborn Rock’n Play Sleeper

Yup, even baby gadgets are getting smart. This is a rocker that comes with a hands-free rocking motion control options. You just connect it to your smartphone. The calming vibrations will calm the baby down. If you notice that your baby prefers one setting over the other, you can save it as their favorite setting.

The price is a nice surprise: it costs less than $100.

6.  Amazon Echo Dot

Amazon Echo Dot

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This voice-controlled gadget lets you make calls, play music, set alarms, listen to audiobooks, and much more. You just say what you want it to do for you. The best part is that it lets you control the smart gadgets around your home. If, for example, you want to dim that LED bulb, you just need to say it.

The Echo Dot is the cheapest device that makes Amazon Alexa available for you. It costs $40.

7.  D-Link WiFi Water Sensor

water leak detector

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You’ve probably protected your home with smoke detectors, but what about a flood sensor? That’s just as important! You’ll just plug the smart sensor in, and it will send push notifications whenever it detects water on the floor.

Its weakness is that it has to be plugged in, so it won’t work during power outages. The good news is that it’s pretty affordable; it costs around $50.

8.  Chamberlain MyQ-Garage Controller

Chamberlain MyQ-Garage Controller

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Thieves consider the garage to be a home’s soft spot. This garage controller will save the day! It will alert you when the garage door is being opened or closed, or when someone from your family accidentally leaves it open after leaving the house.

Plus, you can control the garage door from anywhere, since the device is connected to your smartphone.

9.  Kuna Toucan

This is a smart outdoor camera. It has a discreet design and it comes with really cool features. You’ll get two hours of free cloud storage, and an alarm feature that notifies you of danger. Since it’s a USB camera, you won’t have to bother with power cords or batteries.

It costs around $200, but you can usually get it on discount.

security cameras

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10.  Neato Botvac Connected Robot Vacuum

Let’s say you’re working on an important paper, but you also have to clean the house. You start thinking: okay, I’ll just clean up and then I’ll write the paper later. That’s called procrastination, and it usually results in you missing the deadline or getting on the edge of cheating.

This robot vacuum won’t allow that to happen. It works on its own; you just set it up. It’s connected to WiFi, so you can set it up to operate when you’re away. A fresh, clean home will be waiting for you when you’re done with your more important responsibilities. The only downside is that it costs $800, but hey; it’s high-level technology we’re talking about.

robot vacuum

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It’s Time to Smart Up

Don’t be a skeptic! Yes; your home functions without all these gadgets, but does it function up to its full potential? Once you get your first smart home device, you’ll start wondering what on Earth you were doing without it. So make your first pick and you’ll definitely expand from there!

Smart Home Technology: 10 Useful and Stylish Home Gadgets was last modified: February 22nd, 2018 by Laura Buckler

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