This Stylish Holiday Décor is Sure to Make the Season Bright

Creekside Citrus Wreath
Image Credit- James Ransom

If tinsel isn’t cutting it and last year’s garland seems a bit garish, it might be time to update your holiday décor. Deck the halls with these haute items, and savor the compliments your guests give you on your stylish holiday décor.

Creekside Citrus Wreath

Image Credit- James Ransom

Creekside Citrus Wreath, Provisions by Food52, $58

Who says dates and walnuts get to have a monopoly on the holidays? This wild, beautiful wreath features fragrant dried oranges, lemons, and eucalyptus. Go natural with this hand-crafted California wreath, which makes a beautiful adornment to a front door or lights up a holiday table as a stunning centerpiece.

stylish holiday decor

Image Credit- Mark Weinberg

Kissa Design Polish Star Ornament, Provisions by Food52, $26/$48 for two

Keep it minimal with this sculptural Polish star decoration, based on a traditional Polish folk art design. Create a magical Christmas tree by hanging these in groups and combining them with white mini lights for an elegant glow.

Large Himmeli Wreath, HRUSKAA, $185

Inspired by Finnish Himmeli mobiles, this delicate, geometric decoration can be dressed up for Christmas by adding flowers and leaves. If you want to get more mileage out of this holiday decor item, use it as a wall sculpture – it will make a beautiful addition to your home  throughout the entire year.

Set of Six Brass Himmeli Ornaments,  HRUSKAA, $90

Hang these unique ornaments on your Christmas tree in combination with the Himmeli wreath to create an integrated, alternative Christmas look. These little stars and triangles can also be used as hangers for air plants.


Set of Nine Christmas Ornaments in Red, Blue, and Taupe, VelvetBean, $35

These hand-wrapped baubles in muted tones add a rustic, textured touch to any tree. Perfect for a chic country holiday, these ornaments also transfer well into everyday décor. Stack them in a bowl or glass vase to add an almost-homemade and stylish look to any room.

Wooden Cutout Trees, West Elm, $24

Bring some Christmas spirit to your desk or home with these mini crafted plywood trees. Enjoy their natural, rustic vibe, or paint them to match your unique holiday décor scheme.

Glass Ball with Feather Ornament, West Elm, $9

Create a minimalist Christmas scheme with these ornaments, featuring a delicate feather housed in glass. Hang them in groups to give your tree or mantle a snowy appearance, regardless of the temperature outside.

Reindeer Garland, TransparentEsDecor, $12-$27

Lush green garland can be gorgeous, but sometimes you want something a little more unique. Add a touch of whimsy to your holiday décor with these handmade paper cutouts. String this garland along walls or hang it vertically to add some warm gold and shadows to a plain wall. Tangle it up with your greenery to give it extra punch, or wrap it around your Christmas tree and let the lights shine off of this item’s brushed gold finish. This garland is available in four lengths, from 5-20 feet.




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