8 Sunroom Paint Color Suggestions You will Love

Sunroom Paint Color Suggestions
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There’s no replacement for the joy of spending a morning or early evening outdoors, but a sunroom comes close. Blending the outdoors with the indoors in a beautiful, bright way, a sunroom in your home can create a relaxing, inviting oasis where you can enjoy outside while staying comfortable inside.

Because the most prominent features in a sunroom are its windows, choosing paint colors should be approached slightly differently than other rooms in your house. Always remember to honor the outdoors when decorating your sunroom. Keeping outdoor elements in mind is key to choosing paint colors for sunroom that maximize the room’s potential and create a space in which you’ll look forward to lingering. Here are some sunroom paint color suggestions we’d like you to see before you remodel your sunroom.

Look to Nature

Your sunroom is bringing the outdoors into your home, so what better place for inspiration than nature? Think of how colors are arranged in the outdoor world. Dark colors (grasses) are found on the ground, medium-valued colors (trees and plants) are mid-level, and the sky is lighter.

Follow this pattern in your sunroom, and paint your ceiling (and perhaps wall) a sky blue. Soft yellows or pale greens will also look beautiful and natural on your walls. Because this sunroom color scheme is imitating the outdoors, and because you can see so much of the outdoors from your sunroom, this method will create a seamless blend of indoors and outdoors.

Use furniture throughout the room that is made of wood, bamboo, or wicker. Add greens, blues, browns, and whites in your window treatments and upholstery.

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Let the Outdoors Do the Talking

Sometimes, the outdoors can be the best focus of a room. If you want to let that happen in your sunroom, you’ll need to remove any competition between an indoor and outdoor focus. Choosing a neutral color scheme for your walls is one of the best ways to do this. Your walls can be a light beige or gray. Bringing in furniture made of natural wood, like wicker or bamboo, will help the room blend with the outdoors.

Sunroom Paint Color Suggestions

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How About an Entertainment Room?

If your sunroom is completely closed off, you can furnish it with indoor furniture and electronics without worry. With its extra focus on the outdoors, but safely protected from the elements, it can become a welcome, entertaining retreat. If you choose to use your sunroom as an entertainment room, go with neutral walls for a safe background to all your entertaining. Gray is especially pleasing.

Another solution if you’re extending your living space with a sunroom? Keep the sunroom in the same color family as the rest of your home. Simply extend the color scheme of your other living spaces into your sunroom for a cohesive look.

An Explosion of Nature

Are you a color lover? Don’t stifle your passion — bring it into your sunroom! Look to nature again for your inspiration, but don’t hold back. Find your favorite bright colors from flowers, and use those in your furniture and accents. Keep it controlled by painting your walls and ceiling white.

An Airy Look

If you want an airy, light feeling, white is almost always a perfect paint color choice for a sunroom. White on white on white works — and it works beautifully in a sunny space. In fact, it works so well that you simply can’t go wrong when you choose white for your sunroom. Paint your walls white, paint the ceiling white, and even hang window treatments that are white. Bring in natural elements with wood flooring, and add in soft hues throughout the rest of the room.

Play Up Architectural Elements

Does your sunroom have mantels, wainscoting, arched doorways, bookcases, or other interesting architectural features? Add a layer of interest by painting these elements just one shade lighter or darker than your walls. You can also go a more bold route and paint your walls and architectural elements contrasting colors.

Consider Your Ceiling

A simple way to make your sunroom feel airy and big is to paint your ceiling a lighter shade than your wall color. On a paint sample card, use the middle choice for your wall, and go one or two choices lighter on the ceiling. This will soften the color of your ceiling and open up your sunroom.

Go with Your Gut

Following a design rule perfectly won’t mean anything if you just really hate a paint color in your sunroom. Follow one of the above sunroom paint color suggestions, but always give yourself the final test: Do you love the color? Does it make you feel the way you want to feel in that room? If not, keep looking until you’re satisfied.

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