We all love super-stunning home photos, but when it comes time to translate those perfect pictures into reality, it often turns out to be a lot more difficult than expected. Beloved home blogger Melissa Michaels gained a following with her advice for “doable” design and DIY projects on her blog, The Inspired Room. Michaels also released a new book November 1, and reviewers are raving about the gorgeous photos and Michaels’ advice for “creating a home with intention, not just filling it up with pretty objects and calling it done.” Pick it up, love it, and put it on your coffee table in your newly designed living room for guests to enjoy.

If your home design desires are currently more centered around the approaching holidays and setting a killer table for your loved ones, sisters Michelle and Diana Stock have you covered. The duo decided to fulfill their dream of creating “unique and thoughtfully made items for the home” and launched their company, Small Gunns, in 2011. Modern design lovers who roll their eyes at traditional holiday table linens will adore the duo’s chic table runners and denim napkins. Check them out at their company’s website, and peruse Small Gunns’ collection of pillows on Bezar.

If you like the sound of “thoughtfully made,” you’ll totally dig the creations of small production Midwestern furniture company (and wood aficionados) Joseph Ryan. Each board for the company’s mid-century-inspired pieces is hand selected, and as much of it as used as possible, because “trees grow really slow.” Check out the company’s mission and offerings on its website

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From furnishings to family, dad + daughter + granddaughter trio Luther, Amy, and Madison Hill recently completed their complete overhaul of a nearly 3,000-square-foot, century-old farmhouse. After renovating a bungalow, they were searching for a new project, but thought the farmhouse seemed like too much work. It sat empty for a few months more and then they changed their minds. A year and a half later, the family is set to unveil their hard work to their curious community with an open house. Check out their story of family ties and renovation know-how in The Daily Times.

Speaking of home renovation, Canada appears to have adopted it as its national pastime. Our neighbors to the North are set to spend $53 billion on home renovations by the end of 2015, according to a Scotiabank report and CBCNews. Assuming spending meets the projected level, that would mark the first time Canadians have spent as much on home improvement as new construction. Nice work, Canada, and if you need any help with your renovation planning, information, or inspiration, we’ve got you covered.  

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