The Stanford graduate who chose to be a realtor

Danny Gould

Danny is a talented realtor. A Stanford graduate who loved real estate so much that he decided to leave his elite and expensive education behind and start his own real estate business, only to become a top performing agent in record time.

His age, his education, his speed, his energy, all speak volumes about Danny. He is part of the new generation that is glued to its smartphones – everything he does is mobile. His clients are as impatient as he is. They want him there as soon as they decide they want him there. They also want answers there and then. He has what seems like a million apps on his iPhone and he uses them. He uses them all the time to answer any passing question. Mobility is key to him and his clients. Immediacy is also key, and the world of mobile devices so brilliantly shaped by Steve Jobs and his Apple cohorts is there for him. Yes, the questions he is facing today are not all easily answered by apps and he has to resort to Google search now and then, which does a great job but it is not specific enough in its answers. He wants more. He can rattle off a lot of those wants and I can barely keep up.

Danny Gould

I grabbed his phone to check his apps and saw the Kukun App there. A big smile spread across on my face and I asked him, “How do you like it? Does it help you? How often do you use it? What would you want it to do that it is not doing already?”

Just being with him made me impatient and wanting answers faster than I can ask my questions, too. He smiled and said in his exuberant voice, “Yes, I love it!! I am often in front of my clients and they want immediate answers. They want to know what their out-of-pocket cost for that fixer-upper they are considering, they want to know if this is the right fixer-upper compared to another one, they want to which contractors are best and so on. You provide them quickly and easily. Don’t change a thing… It is all good .”

I went home and started to play with the Kukun app with a renewed sense of responsibility. After all, we just launched it a week ago and have yet to even announce it to the world. I wanted to check that everything is flowing smoothly and is doing it in a way that exudes trust and convenience. I started to have new ideas about other things we should add, but held myself back, thinking “Let people use it and get to know its features and benefits first, and then we can learn about what else they’d like it to do and enhance it”.

Mobility is a key and we will all be going mobile whether we like it or not. A whole generation has grown up and is now doing business and other daily things on their “i-something”. Everyone wants two things: convenience and a great price. Kukun’s ambition is convenience first, which leads to a better price.

Join us at Kukun as we change the way home buying, renovating, getting loans, hiring professionals and managing projects to get done and put you in control.


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