Quirky and Cool Bedroom Designs You’ve Ever Seen

cool bedroom designs
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From beds shaped like food to swimming pool sleeping areas, these bedrooms are seriously strange. Sure, it can be fun to indulge in your slightly eccentric tastes, but sometimes weird is just weird. Take a look at these quirky and cool bedroom designs and our suggestions for preserving a bit of their oddness while improving their overall look, and let your strange décor affinities run wild.


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Picking a theme for your bedroom design isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it’s important not to take it too literally. Have fun and be whimsical, but don’t go overboard or you could end up sleeping on a sandwich (and scaring your guests).

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Opt for a few themed elements instead. If you’re after a quirky fast food theme, a French fry duvet or hamburger pillow case can show off your passion for deep fried foods (and eccentricity) without being too much.

Feeling the need for an aquatic bedroom? Surrounding your sleeping space with a pool may seem like an opulent idea, but can come off looking tacky.

pool bedroom

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If proximity to indoor water is a must for your bedroom, consider placing a small pool near your bed, instead of surrounding your bed with water and risking unwanted morning splashes.

pool bedroom

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If you’re determined to bring your love of the outdoors indoors, consider creating a themed kids’ room. Your little ones will love to play and pretend camp, and you can enjoy the woodsy vibe as well.

weird woodland-themed bedroom

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There are some great ways to integrate nature into your interior design, but a somewhat spooky, super-woodsy bedroom isn’t the right way to go.

nature in bedroom

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kids camping themed bedroom

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Sometimes less is definitely more, and more is just plain strange. This Batman enthusiast’s bedroom is more than a little over the top, with a Batcave feel and the signature emblem everywhere.

batman cave bedroom

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superman bedroom

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Superhero-themed rooms can be chic, with artistic takes on iconic images. If the room is for a young child, some themed toys and action figures displayed smartly around the room can add to the vibe while avoiding the over-the-top look.

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