These home design materials merge style with sustainability

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The old adage that “pain is beauty” makes sense for eyebrow waxes and skincare treatments, but when it comes to aesthetically pleasing interiors, there’s no reason to hurt. Designers across the globe have created a number of sustainable, stunning materials that will make your home stand out, and keep the planet happy.

SEA ME rug by Studio Nienke Hoogvliet

Sea Me Rug

Image Credit: Femke Poort

Sea Me Rug

Image credit: Femke Poort

This unique rug comes from textile, product, and concept design hub Studio Nienke Hoogvliet. The eponymous designer strives to put issues that she finds fascinating on display with her work. This rug is constructed of yarn made from sea algae and an old fishing net, thereby showcasing the beautiful parts of the sea as well as waste issues.

Hembury Chair by Solidwool

Hembury Chair

Image Credit: SolidWool

This beautifully simple piece may look like a regular Eames-inspired piece of furniture, but the designers at Solidwool have swapped out the standard fiberglass for something truly innovative – specially treated wool. The result is a piece created with sustainability in mind, along with a beautiful, dark-grey look accented by white guard hairs.

Newsworthy wall covering by Weitzner Limited

 Newsworthy wall covering

Image Credit: Weitzner Limited

Newsworthy wall covering

Image Credit: Weitzner Limited

There may be a number of ways to make use of old newspapers, but none look quite as good as Weitzner Limited’s Newsworthy wall covering. Strips of newsprint are handwoven and then paper-backed. Be sure to visit the website for instructions on cleaning and installation.

Loop to Loop fabric by Designtex

Loop to Loop fabric

Image Credit: Designtex

The textile waste from furniture production has long been swept under the rug – literally. These materials usually find their way into carpet underlays and backing materials. Steelcase, Designtex, Victor, and Unifi joined together to create Loop to Loop from pre-consumer recycled polyester, turning this by-product into colorful upholstery fabric.

Kirei Board by Kirei

Kireiboard by Kirei

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Bathroom splashback

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This multi-purpose board is made from reclaimed sorghum stalks (the portion left over after the edible portion of the plant is harvested). This carbon-negative board uses toxin-free adhesive, and is an eye-catching alternative to wood. Kirei Board can be used in furniture, cabinetry, or wherever you see fit.

Indigo Acoustic Tiles by Mauricio Affonso

 Indigo Acoustic Tiles

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Indigo Acoustic Tiles by Mauricio Affonso.

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Moulded luffa meets reused wastewater from the denim-dyeing industry in these wall tiles. Since luffa is so absorbent, it soaks up the liquid that could otherwise end up polluting bodies of water, resulting in their beautiful indigo color. These beautiful wall tiles are also helpful with soundproofing, since they can absorb sound and fit into spaces that other materials can’t.

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